Wednesday, February 4, 2009

busy week, pictures and getting kicked out?!?!

We had a busy week! So busy it's turning into more than a week. We had pictures taken of our four on Thursday morning, scheduled on Wednesday. A great planner I am! I am! They were early in the morning so we enlisted help from friends to let Stephen over before school started and sister Shelly met us there. We rushed to get Dallas to school after, and then Steve and I took all the kids back with us after work to choose the best ones. Shelly offered to stay longer, but it was good that she didn't. It took us nearly 2 hours to look at all of them and pick just two for each child. They are so stinking cute! I saw Lily make faces that I haven't caught on her at home before. Even Brenden was pretty good at it. While they were waiting for their turn, they played in another room while Aunt Shelly took pictures of them. I am sure she can add some here for me, please???? They now have updated portfolios, just in time for the next "audition" which will be in a few weeks. That was a day!

Friday we got ourselves invited to not return to a place that will remain nameless no matter how much you pry. "Unless I can come with out the kids. Won't my husband get home from work in time?" No. He never will, unless they extend their hours of operation by a few. Lives were threatened, but the kids still ran in the parking lot. They were so out of control! I thought we just TOLD them we would not be able to go places if they didn't behave! I found out today that the person who invited us to leave is no longer with the company. I still don't know if I feel like going back. Now I just feel bad for getting her fired.

I asked if I was over reacting. "No. I just don't think it's that big of a deal." So, I would like to know what the difference is.

In other news, I now have two clean spots in my house. One is on top of the bookshelf where I have finally taken the Christmas pile of stuff down and put up a nice fake tree with a porcelain doll my friend made. It's up high and un-disturb-able as far as I know. It looks great! The other is the floor in front of the refrigerator. This is where the water keeps getting "spilled" and mopped. I can't count high enough to get to how many times we have "mopped" there this week! A nice un-sticky spot. It looks great too!

And now, we are off to our next adventure at the park!


  1. Oh, I'm tired just reading this!

    Ok- NOT INVITED BACK? What the hell? Try ging this person a set of quads and then tell him to TRY and say the workd 'DO NOT COME BACK"!

    Post your kids newpics- I wanna see the adorable children that are asked not to come back!

  2. I put the pictures of the kids on my blog, I can put them on yours also, or you can just send people my way :)