Thursday, January 29, 2009

sweetest kids ever???

I took Stephen and Dallas to the dentist the other day. As a reward for being good, our dentist always gives each kid a free ice cream and free hamburger coupon. Stephen was especially good, so much so that the assistant asked what happened during the last 6 months. He also had some of his teeth sealed - time consuming. After our visit, we stopped for lunch at the free place. We ate and while Stephen was finishing Dallas and I went to order our ice cream. They were so excited! When we got there the lady behind the counter asked, "What flavor?" Flavor? I didn't know we got to choose. What flavor is free? I sent Dallas back to ask Stephen, chocolate, vanilla, or twist? He answered "Caramel." He settled on twist. On our way back with them, an older gentleman said, "You should ask them to put caramel on it for him. That's what he wanted." "Oh, can the do that?" "Sure they can. Go ask." I take the cone back to the counter and ask if there is any way for them to put caramel on it. "No. I can dip it in chocolate if you'd like." Stephen settles for the cone with a magic chocolate shell with no complaints. He seems happy to me. We sit down. I thank the man as we pass by again. We eat our ice cream. Everyone is nice and happy, everyone means Dallas, Stephen, and myself. Then all the sudden, a new ice cream in a cup with caramel sauce on top is put on the table. The nice man says, "Here, that's what you ordered." I thank him again, and again. Stephen puts the spoon in and holds it out to me. I get the first bite. How sweet is that? It gets better. I tell Stephen, "That sure was nice of him to give you that ice cream!" Stephen says, "Yeah, I want to take it home and share it with Daddy." "But he's at work. It will melt before then." "Well, then we can put it in the freezer until he gets home." And that is what we did. First thing he did when Daddy got home was get that ice cream out and share it with him. How sweet!

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  1. What a sweet story! Made me say awww and smile!