Wednesday, August 19, 2015

There's a Jokester Among Us

The first day of school has arrived!  We can confidently say we survived the summer and so far, the school year has been great!  No complaints yet, other than the teacher spelled Brenden’s name wrong.  That will be an interesting relationship.  I trust he will be forgiving.  If anyone lets go of grudges it is Brenden. The boys get o share a teacher and Lily gets her own.  We are not homeschooling this year since she has completed the rigorous learn to read program.  We will still struggle with the dyslexia, but she can read!  On to the building of learning!

As the kids enter fourth grade they are given the opportunity to learn an instrument.  We spent lots of time trying to decide who wanted to learn what but we finally ended up with a violin, which Stephen has been playing for a few years and is pretty good at.  Dallas plays the trumpet and is excited to give lessons to our other trumpeter – Marek.  Evan chose the saxophone. Brenden is learning the viola and Lily landed the cello, so she can’t fall over since she is already sitting down to play.   

I keep thinking that we will calm down someday and relax, but we have added so many more lessons and performances to the calendar this year it makes my head spin.  They are all adorable though and I love having my kids learning something they want to learn about.  

Life would be a bit boring if we slowed down too much. Marek, the jokester, thought he was tricking me into taking his picture without having the bunny ears on Brenden. He laughed his head off when I just took it and didn’t tell him to smile and be nice. 
Here’s to another great day!