Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Who's who?

Yesterday we had a great time deciding who was going to school. I said to Stephen, "Get ready for school." he says, "No! I'm sick. I can't go to school!" Then I turn to Dallas and tell him, "You are sick and will be staying home today." He says, "No! I'm not that sick!" In the end they both ended up at school. Good thing, because we had auditions to go to and the older kids would not enjoy waiting. We waited for a VERY long time for our turn, about an hour and half. The boys did a great job, but Lily froze up. She is so adorable and didn't want anyone else to know. She wouldn't look at the camera or talk to them or anything. Oh well.

We had fun making new friends in the waiting room. I don't know why no one else brought anything to entertain their kids while they waited. We were the only ones with a bag, books, etc. I think some brought a snack, but I was reading to lots of kids that weren't mine and other moms borrowed my books. Stephanie was a wonderful sister and went with me. She also brought a bag for entertaining the kids. Good thing Grandma was able to get Stephen from school too!

The funniest part was when I showed Stephanie the pictures. (It's okay I told her I was going to blog about this. But in her defense, I apologize I can't post the pictures today.) She looked at the first one and said, "Oh! I didn't notice before, he's got a bit of Evan in him. Look at his eyes." I said, "That is Evan."


  1. how do you not know which one is which.... Duh!!!! :) Just kiddin'

  2. l taggart's words

    I'm frittering away eternity
    And I cannot say why.
    I'm sitting eating strawberries
    And making pumpkin pie
    I think that I should make a plan..
    Make earth a better place.
    What other dreams can I fulfill
    Besides feeding my face?

  3. Auditions for what?

    I' am always in awe at why mothers don't bring snack and funthigs for their little ones when they are at Dr. visits or anywhere else that kids get bored. It's a MUST have for kids. You're a good mama!