Monday, February 9, 2009

Here are the Crazy's!

This is Shelly, Lydia asked me to post the pictures from our wild outing getting the Quad's pictures taken. Brenden is such a cutie, he doesn't look wild here, and he was probably the calm one in the bunch that day.
Evan Lily and Shelly. Dallas wanted to take the picture for me.
Don't let this sweet innocent look fool you, she has a wild side to her. She even tipped over a tree that was in the room.
Dallas and Marek were probably the craziest ones that day. They were showing me how to shake your butt the right way...(Did you know there was a right way to shake your butt?)

This is just cute pic of the boys.... they look innocent right? Just remember looks can be deceiving....

Ok, I have to say that the kids were a little wild on this particular day, but they are not and were not terrible kids..... Of course I get to give them back when I am done with them!:) I am a very proud aunt, and I love all 6 of the Taggart kiddos.

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