Thursday, October 30, 2008

Your wish is my command!

Man! This going to school with the holiday deadlines and everything is killing me! I could really use a day off. I wish I could have a day off.

WOOHOO! I have a sick kid! We don't have to drive to/from school today. HOORAY! My wish has been granted. I get the day off!

No, wait... is that right?

Monday, October 27, 2008

For Entertainment's Sake

Yesterday was the primary program at church. This is when all the kids between the ages of 3 and 12 participate in singing and each has a small speaking part. It is always one of my favorite Sundays of in the year. As if our church attendance isn't entertaining enough with our kids, they all decided they wanted to go up with Stephen and Dallas, but since their birthday was not before January last year they aren't in a class that participates in this yet.

We were not quite early enough to get a large space for us, but didn't worry too much because the kids go up after sacrament is passed. So, Evan decided he needed to leave more times than I can count. A sweet grandma Martha saw and let him go sit with her. Lily went too. They just kept going back and forth across the aisle. Funny, until Evan grinned at Martha, she beckoned him he giggled and started going to the opposite direction. I caught him and chaos pursued. It was just about this time when Dallas got up with his class for their parts. The teacher knelt down near them and whispered for them to remember. It sounded like, "Whisper whisper." "Mumble mumble." Next kid, "whisper whisper." "Mumble mumble." Then came Dallas. The teacher stood and backed up away from him. He was the last in his class. "If Jesus were standing next to me I would try to be good." Good job Dallas! Then we hear some laughter. I wondered if it was because of the idea that Dallas would try to be good. I found out later from someone else that an older sister to some other kids was down front trying to make her family members laugh. She was doing air guitar, singing in the mic, being real exaggerated and fun. Good to know.

On the way home a neighbor was out and stopped me to let me know she was just laughing at Dallas, as she was listening to the other kids and thinking, What? What? Oh! Dallas did it! He seemed so mature. We of course already knew he was mature for his age, but where was the real humor?

Steve went Home teaching later - this is when the men in the priesthood go to check on the members in the ward, be good friends and see if they could use any help with anything. We try to visit every month. Anyway, one of the families made a point to thank him for the entertainment in church today. I think she was referring to the continued chaos that was followed by me giving up and deciding to take two that were so eager to escape. When I got to the hall to give them a good talking to, all four of them were there! I took Brenden and Marek back in and told Steve, "I'm only taking the naughty ones out!" So, of course they all began a big display of naughty to get out of there. They love going to their class and think that if they get out of sacrament meeting they get to go to class sooner. I missed Stephen's part during all this confusion, but I heard that he did it and was good.

The funniest part for me: I forgot until Saturday morning that the primary program was this week. I had lost Dallas's part. I asked him what he was supposed to say and he told me. I said, okay if you say so. Good. That kid amazes me.

Later at night, Steve said to me, "You realize we will be sitting on that bench alone next year…" My kids are growing up! Sigh.
All in all an entertaining day, just like every Sunday.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Test, test, test!

When are these college professors going to realize that "test" is a four-letter word?

After a long week of not being home because of movie production day, a day to the doctor's, a surprise change in the school schedule (Dallas was getting out of school before Stephen, but the night before it changed to Stephen was getting out first. This changed our car pool possibilities.) The only thing I remember about Thursday was being in a class taking a test. Friday I remembered why I took statistics as an "in-person" class verses an online course - UGH!

Saturday was fun filled from 10 AM until nearly 3PM as we had a great party at Steve's work. A big "hoorah" for the good fiscal year! There are pictures for next time I can figure it out. We had fun with a giant blow up slide/bouncer/clown balloons/tours/lunch/popcorn/cotton candy/and more! All for "free", you just have to give your life to the company each day of the normal workweek. :) Steve became an impromptu tour guide, and he was in the right place at the right time to help with the candy toss! I won a "guess how much candy is in the jar" game and we missed the magic show. We ended up walking away with full tummies, tired legs, and about $25. There was money with the candy toss and in my jar of candy! WOOHOO!

After the party, we went pumpkin picking again, since we "NEED" more. I was not able to get good pictures there unfortunately. We were getting to the end of our fun meter. Dallas smashed his finger after having fought with Stephen over who got to pull the wagon the whole time. He got his turn in the last half walk through the parking lot. Got to the truck and the weight of the pumpkins carried the wagon further than he wanted, smashing his finger between the handle and the bumper. He is fine, but it was a loud ride home.

We lined our pumpkins up in front of the house. The boys were so excited we were finally decorating for Halloween! The orange globes were only there one night. Yup, stolen. They were so considerate and left two pumpkins. Grrrr, not my favorite people. Why does anyone have to steal things from kids? We will not be purchasing more this year. There is one for each boy, good enough.

Anyway, this week is looking like another crazy one. There was a test tonight in history, statistics reminded me we have a test this week, and I had a test last week in geology! I expect to take my final for cooking class sometime soon. I still have five more things to cook. You'd think I have to feed my family, but no, this doesn't make it easier for me to cook the class requirements. Here is a funny note - Dallas loved the fish I made last night. I have never cooked fish before. He was upset we couldn't have it for breakfast this morning and also asked for it at lunchtime. I made chicken for dinner today. I asked if he liked it. He said, "Yeah, it looks kind of like fish!"

Friday, October 17, 2008

credit given

okay, I need to give credit where credit is due. My mom tended the other kids until Steve ot home from work on Tuesday and then she helped them pull weeds. THANKS MOM!!! Another tidbit: Wednesday we went to the Dr. for check ups - all great and in the proper growth range now, even Breneden. We came home with 3 kids on antibiotics and the other was called in a prescription yesterday. I missed my statistics class, but made it for some of my history class. AND... LACEY HAS GRADUATION TODAY!!! She is graduating from the Utah College of Massage Therapy. Good Job Lacey! Thanks again Mom!

really really long post!

Good morning! As I begin this blog it is 4:30 AM Friday morning. There is nothing better for me to do other than sleep and that is just not happening today, so here I am. Yes, this really is the only time I can do this! And yes, I have been interrupted by kids three times already!!!

We were chosen to be in the movie called "Waiting for Forever" on Tuesday. I didn't want to post anything about the auditions in case nothing panned out from them. Anyway, it was a great day! I didn’t want to short change the blog, but I am going to summarize a bit anyway.

In the movie biz they trade kids out for the parts of children. Kids get tired and grumpy; they can't work them as long because of labor laws and stuff. Therefore, they take views from a distance or different angles to make similar kids look like the same kid. That is why we were all going to be in this movie. Our boys look enough alike to do the trick.

When we first got there, they said stuff like, "Let's have one of the triplets." And, "It's time for another one of the boys." Evan was closest to the door, and he kept trying to escape our little waiting room. I thought he would enjoy it the best so he went out first, and second, and then they started asking for him. "It's time for Evan again"

The day started around 9 in the morning. My sister Lacey went with me. I told her it would be at least 6 hours. She was not able to stay the entire day, but she was there for most of it. We waited for long periods of time while they did other scenes, practiced with the adult parts, changed the camera angle and lighting, and other stuff. They would take Evan for a while and bring him back, take him again, then bring him back.

The suspense was killing us! What were they doing with Evan? What was he doing? After the first couple of times, we started talking about watching. So I asked the people, Rachel was the name of the person who came for Evan most of the time. She let Lacey watch the next time. When she returned, she reported that Evan was so good! So Cute! They are moving the camera because the sun keeps moving, some of the people are really rude, but Evan is so good!

Around noon, I took a turn to watch. I thought the people were really nice though. The director let me sit in a corner where Evan couldn't see me. I watched him on two screens and listened on a head set. He was SOOOO CUTE!!! He was really good at this and he was having so much fun! They would repeat the scene over and over. Lacey said I was out there watching him for about an hour! The director would tell the actors something like, "That was good. This time do it more like______" and they would repeat the scene. The person next to me asked how long he had been taking acting lessons. Ha ha ha ha! This was our first of anything like this!

At this point, remember this is around noon, they were asking me how I chose him and what he was like at home. This is Evan, what you see is what you get. They told me that by this time they usually had to switch kids 2-3 times. Evan was the best kid they had ever worked with, and "I've worked with a lot of kids."

Long summary, I know. When I was watching Evan, they were interacting with him. He was responding exactly the way he should. I thought we were going to be background while the adults acted in the front. I was so wrong. Evan was center attention. The lead actor was asking him questions and he was nodding his head or saying things to him. He was so adorable! (Sorry I don't do well with celebrity names. I know I am an oblivion. More on this topic in a minute.)

The other boys meanwhile were getting grumpy. Marek kept wanting a turn to "play." We went outside a few times. There was nowhere for us to go really, just a parking lot that was kind of roped off. They had a food trailer with chairs outside. Marek and Brenden lined up three chairs like a train. They kept asking where Evan was and said he had a spot there. They put a bag of chips in the chair for him. They are so cute too! They spent some time going around the barricades. They pretended it was a hot dog stand.

Rachel came out and asked us how we were doing after Lacey left. I told her I thought we were getting really tired. I knew I was done! She went in and talked to the director. When she came back she said, "I'm sorry. I tried to tell them but he just really loves Evan. He wants him to be in another scene." Long story a little shorter, Evan went in again and again. The last scene they brought him out and said he needed a diaper change. Rachel stayed with Marek and Brenden while I went in. I was able to watch a little more. I watched three takes and decided I needed to check on the other two. I wish I had stayed a little longer. Evan did the entire part by himself! They only thing the other two got to do was for a bonus feature. They were interviewed with Nikki Blonskey. Brenden called for his mommy and picked his nose. Marek tried to get away and Evan was adorable and talked with her. They tried to sing a song, but the boys just sat there and smiled. They are so cute. I know I already said that.

One of the directors came out soon after me and asked if I had seen what Evan did. Apparently, they all gave him a round of applause. He looked around at everyone and threw his arm in the air, "YEAH!" Turns out the director gave him a speaking part! He was asked to say a line and he did, at the right time! I wasn't sure what this meant, but all the people there were so excited for him! It means he is now eligible for SAG, the screen actors guild. I am told that is what all actors live for and some wait nearly their whole lives to be given a line. It also meant he would get more $ for the day. Other than that, they told me I would be getting a lot of mail from them in a few weeks about it. IF ANYONE KNOWS ABOUT THIS PLEASE LET ME KNOW WHAT YOU KNOW!

While I was inside that last time, someone went out with a camera taking still shots. Marek started posing for him. They are just so cute I can hardly stand it! All three boys were happy the entire day, except when Marek wanted his turn. They were so tired that Evan was falling asleep before I was able to get him in his car seat to go home. They did not nap at all the whole day. We left around 7:30PM. However, some of that time was spent trying to get our own clothes back on again. I was alone at that point and my kids get a little more active when they are tired. I think they try to convince themselves they are not tired when they are.

We had lunch "with" all the actors. I asked for autographs for Shelly. She would be so upset with me if I spent the entire day surrounded by celebrities and didn't! They said yes, but I did not have a pen or paper on me. Yeah, here is the duh moments. I was not prepared at all on my part. We were late getting there, of course. They told us we could leave our things in our trailer. They just wanted to see us on the set and we would be right back. Well, that minute turned into the whole day! After a few hours, I asked Rachel if we could get the diaper bag. She sent someone for it! I had no wipes, don't ask how they ended up next to the diaper bag instead of in it. I had no book for myself to read, no camera, not even my cell phone! It did not help Lacey be less bored either. They loaded us into a van and took us to a place set up for lunch – not at all delicious; the boys did not want to eat. Probably because they just wanted to run and not be in that little waiting room and they had been snacking like crazy all morning. The lunch lady was so nice. She kept coming and asking if we would like anything else. They had a table set up near the back door with snacks. Every time we would pass by Brenden would grab another couple bags of chips. And lunch was not until 2!

Anyway, the moral of this story is NEVER, I repeat NEVER leave the diaper bag when you go somewhere, keep the phone in your pocket, take the camera with you where ever you go, a lunch for yourself and do not be late!

Here is a copy of our invitation. I hope the pictures transfer okay. Sorry this story has no names in it. Not my greatest strength.

PROJECT TYPE: Feature Film
SHOOT DATES: Filming begins September 29, 2008 – October 30, 2008
SYNOPSIS: It is a cute - romantic story. Being produced and directed by James Keach (Blind Dating and Walk the Line) - starring Rachel Bilson and Tom Sturridge
CHARACTER: GABE - but the baby needs to be a part of twins or triplets. There will be some flexibility with the age.. 1 - 2 or so... the babies will be part of Nikki Blonskey's family... (Hairspray)

Nikki Blonskey

Nelson Franklin

These are pix of mom and dad to baby GABE

Oh, I guess the pictures won't go here. You can look them up by their names if you want. Sorry. Have a great day!!!!!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

big news

Hi! We had a marvelous day today! I will tell you all about it ASAP, but not now. We had a long day, very, very,long. But some great blogging to look forward to! I have to find some pics to post with the story. Hopefully it will be on tomorrow!!! I am sure Shelly will remind me if I forget, but how could I? No, we are not pregnant! And it's not about the weather being crazy. I think they said it should be up in the 70's again this weekend...

until then! :)

okay, okay! I can't keep it all a secret! We - meaning some of my boys, meaning mostly Evan - are going to be in a movie! More later!

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Ahh, that snow?!?!

Hello again! This morning brought with it a fresh blanket of snow. I don't remember it snowing this early in the year here before. I wonder what this global warming is... but the kids sure were excited!!! I was happy that I did not procrastinate for once and trimmed a few roses yesterday. Here is a picture of what I ended up with.

Here is what I saw in my yard today.

Since it was my turn to teach Relief Society today I was preparing my lesson and not paying all the attention that I should to everything else, and since we have been under the weather lately, and since my brain just doesn't work right sometimes, I glanced out the window. My heart skipped a beat as I got ready to grill the kids on who threw the laundry off the deck again. Then I realized what I saw was the melting snow with toys, mud, and grass poking through in the back yard. Ahh, Sunday the day of rest!

Saturday, October 11, 2008


Been pretty busy lately. Too much to report on in a simple blog. Here are some pictures to cover my not posting them very often. Simply put my school is great, kids are incredible, hubby is amazing, we are all doing well.

Saturday, October 4, 2008


Okay, so it's my turn to be an oblivion. I went to school the other day, got out of my first class early and decided to get some dinner at the Subway across the street. It is a cozy place with only 4 tables in it. Of course, they were all taken. An older gentleman saw me looking around and we caught eyes. He started moving his things off the table and invited me to sit. I said thanks and sat down. We chatted a bit. "Are you native to Utah? How long have you lived here? The commute from ??? for 20 years as he has worked where he does..."

Another man waked in and ordered a sandwich. They knew each other and the man I was sitting with stood to visit him a while. When he sat down again (the other man was getting it to go) he asked if I recognized the one that left. I said no, but he did look vaguely familiar. Well, that would be because he is a news anchor that I see, or should see more than once a day for I don't know how many years! Oh well.

We chatted some more about the work he has been doing for the last 20 years. He works for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, just down the street in that great big building. I ask, "Oh, what do you do for them there?"

Umm..This is where he tells me he a full time employee, what is called a General Authority of the Quorum of the Seventy. Yup, a leader of the church that I belong to that has probably been on TV many more than one time, who I am supposed to pay attention to and has his picture posted at least twice a year in the conference session issue of our church publications. The conference that is this weekend! Ugh! So what do I say in response? He is most likely thinking that I am not even a member of the church according to our conversation. "Oh, I guess they wouldn't be hiring in your department then." DUH LYDIA!!!

This is a lifetime calling from on high, not a real job! Here is the real kicker though. If I did see him on the television as we are watching conference this weekend, I do not think I would remember what he looked like and I don't remember what his name was. As we parted after more stupidity revealed by myself, he said, "That's okay. I like the anonymity." I can relate to that.

On another note, yes, my kids had a birthday this week. They are three years old now. My sister has posted a few pictures on her blog if anyone wants to look at them. Here is her site For today I am still in denial that they are growing up. Maybe I will address it tomorrow. And yes, they are way too cute!