Friday, February 13, 2009

A step back

Once in a while I am able to take a small step back and just watch the family in amazement, or humor, or both. Today I had a moment. During dinner, this is what I saw.

Brenden was sitting to my left, painting with his soup on the table. I said, "In your mouth Brenden. It's for eating." "Noooo, ha ha, no!" His artwork spread and I did not stop him. He was happy and the table was already dirty.

Next to him Evan was saying, "Ook Mommy! I eat it!" Followed by a bite with sound effects - ahummummumm! Neither Brenden or Evan were sitting in their chairs, they were kneeling, but close enough.

Lily was walking around the table trying to find water, which was really milk. She brought her cup to me and burst into tears when I said, "I don't have it. Daddy does." I think all she heard was I don't, translating to no for her.

The next spot at the table was for Stephen, but he was busy dancing to some tune left over in his head from the T.V. show that ended just before dinner. He got his groove on next to the table, coming back now and then for a bite.

Dallas was being a trickster, trying to tease and move dishes around. His dinner ended up not being touched at all until bedtime.

Daddy was getting whines from Marek, with his big lower lip. Daddy told Marek he needed to have more of his sandwich before he could have whatever he was asking for. He took a bite so small that if it were a crumb a mouse might not be able to find it.

At this point, Brenden starts to cry and jumping to the floor whines, "Mine hands! Mine hands are dirty! I ave soup on mine hands! AAAhhhhh!!!" Sob - sniffle. Off he runs - Hurry catch that boy before he touches something! My moment is over, but it was a fun one.

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