Friday, August 14, 2009

Where did the summer go?

Well, We have been so busy that I haven't blogged much. I have thought of it often though, believe me! Our summer has included fun things like having a visitor from Germany stay with us for 5 weeks. We went swimming, drove to the arches national park, hiked a bit, camped in mountains, went to Lagoon (local amusement park), saw a natural geyser, went to the zoo, the dinosaur museum, lunch at the park (many times). We attended the free movie almost every week, had playdates with friends, went bowling (yes, all of us - well, not Steve he was working) and more.

Here is a picture of Goblin Valley in Southern Utah Sabrina (German friend mentioned earlier) is in the background. I finally have a decent picture to put on facebook, if I can figure it out.

Here's a picture of Steve with some of the kids in Goblin Valley

Yet, when someone asked Dallas if he had done anything fun this summer he said, "mmm, no not really. But we ordered a swing set!" We have indeed ordered a swingset, but what about the entire summer? Oh well. It will get here in a few weeks.

This is what happened today. Of course they saw the camera coming and got their smiles on. I can't believe Lily was still clean even when I dressed her in a white shirt today!

Brenden was in on it too, but you can't tell because it's all on the back of his head. i took the pictures, then hosed them off outside, stripped them to their diapers then let them in the house. Then I decided that Brenden was still too dirty and took him to the shower. He still got a bath at bedtime for, as he said, "I am a dirty boy! I need a bath." He speaks the truth!

Whatever will I do next week without a vehicle? I guess there's enough dirt to keep us busy...and that ever elusive potty training... nah, why waste time for fun? Besides, we wouldn't want Daddy to miss all the real fun! He will be going to Colorado for high adventure mountain climbing. Wish us all luck!