Friday, February 6, 2009

Free event!!!

I love free stuff! Here is a copy of what was sent to me. Wish I checked my email more often.

* Everybody know??
This Sat, Feb 7, 10am to 1pm
FREE family fun and fitness/Go RED day. Boondocks inflatables, Hollywood connection mini golf, My Gym tumbling, Young Chefs cooking, Grizzlies Hockey, Big 5, Utah Olympic Oval speed skating, Redwood Rec wii, Axis Dance performance, Martial Arts World Demo, Global Skooters, Origami Lady Crafts, Jugglers---and more. Everyone is setting up games for you and yours to come play. Tons of prizes, $150 plush/stuffed animals, year family pass to olympic oval, kiddie kandids portrait package, nothing bunt cakes $$$, whole foods $$$'s going to be tons of fun. Scavenger Hunt, 3k Walk, I'm so excited.

Invite tons of friends/families, pass along this email, put it on your blog.....We want a huge turn out.

too bad I won't be there this time, but I thought everyone should know about this FREE event!
Here is their info. This is not me, it's them.

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