Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Halloween Twins?

First off I must say sorry for not posting for so long.  That phase of life is now in the past and I promise to post at least once per week.  Now, onto this weeks entry!  In the interest of Halloween, we are getting costumes ready and there is an increased excitement in our home.  

After discovering, again, that store bought costumes are way out of our budget ($30 times 6 kids is $180) we spent a day being frustrated.  My sweet Brenden put his arm around me and said, “It’s okay Mom.  We can just wear last year’s costumes until you get some made for us.” 

We made the dash to the closet and dumped every box of dress up on the floor trying to find something that would still fit my growing kids.  (by the way, when did you get so tall?)

Last year’s things were good enough for last Saturday’s event.  We went to a fundraiser trick or treat day for a local historical museum.  There were games set up in an area at the park.  At the last game the boys lined up and waited their turn. 

The person running the game said, “Oh!  Are you twins?”  The smile on her face made me wonder if she never saw twins.

Her spirits deflated and she looked confused when Evan responded, very matter of factly , “No.”

She stood there for a moment looking between the boys and thinking really hard before Marek said, “We’re quads.” 

I love watching people’s reactions to that.  I don’t know what they expect, but I’m sure it’s not that!

So, back to the costume story, although it was heartfelt, my heart pounded harder in my chest at the thought of making so many costumes!  Alas, we searched the fabric stores, borrowed from my sister and Grandma, and made a witch outfit for less than $6.  It looks great, is personalized, and much warmer than a store bought anything would be.  I feel so accomplished!  But my favorite thing was the boy’s reaction.

Two of them wanted to be Harry Potter.  They put their outfits on, including the scarf made by wrapping duct tape around a piece of fleece, and danced through the house chanting, “Now we’re twins!  Look!  We’re twins!”   I’ll get a picture up before the week is over.