Wednesday, June 24, 2009


How about taking six kids ages 7 and younger swimming, with one adult? Even better sounding when four of them are three years old right? Well, my sister called me yesterday morning and suggested we go to the pool. Would she help keep track of the kids? yes? Ok, but how much would it cost me? I never did find out and we didn't end up at the pool.

I spent hours looking for Lily's swimsuit. They were interrupted hours, but still, she has been carrying her princess suit around nearly every day since we bought it in May - just before the rains started. Now when the sun shines I can't find it? You've got to be kidding me! So My sister, Lacey, decided to buy her a new one - only $7, cute blue and pink striped with a flower and butterfly- so that was nice. Between this and trying to get all of the kids in their suits with sunscreen on, waiting for so and so to be able to go, call them to see what's taking so long/what time they are available- oh! They decided not to go. Thanks for telling us, blah, blah, blah - our attempt at going to the pool at 1:00 turned into running through sprinklers at 2:30. This wasn't as exciting as Lacey had planned (kids were still looking for snails and bugs. You should see our collection!) so she went to the store and bought a slip and slide.

We waited for the set up and waited for our turn. While Lacey was out shopping, she got more kids and we ended up with ten kids there. Boy were my kids mad at me when I said it was time to get dry and go home for dinner! This process took me close to an hour. I can not believe how time consuming this simple fun was. I feel like I wasted a good amount of day trying to figure out what we were doing - oh, the pool ended up being closed for maintenance when I called to get the cost. Then we drove by the pool, and it really was open. The kids could see other people in there playing and I was in trouble once again.

I refuse to be in trouble today! I will clean the house: dishes, laundry, bathrooms, vacuum the floors, get the guest room ready, take the kids to the park for lunch, do some homework (I finished a class yesterday except for the final), pull the weeds, harvest some strawberries, mow the lawn, read with the kids, have an art project with them, take them to the library, make a batch of cookies.... well, maybe I won't do ALL of that today.

But I will not give the kids expectations that can't be met today. We will most likely spend the day watching TV while I clean up and get ready for our visitor. We will got to the park because it is chicken day. I found out yesterday they are cutting back their menu options because of the economy. This means they have five things to rotate through the entire summer. Major bummer since my kids will not eat three of them EVER, and the other one they are 50-50. They like the chicken sandwiches.

Thursday our visitor will get here from Germany. Sabrina will stay with us for about a month. We are very excited! She is 17 years old. She teaches swimming at home and will help us learn while she is here. Maybe after she leaves I will feel better about taking my kids to the pool. What is American that we should share with her? We are thinking of taking her to the Arches and Zions national parks, a BBQ, fireworks and parade. Any other ideas?

Definitely a TV day. Dallas just came and told me he doesn't feel well today. I will not be in trouble today - no expectations to let down!
We love each other and we are sick today - Oh wait! Was that the camera?

What can I say, they take after their mother.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Bryce and Shannon's Wedding

Here are some fun pictures from my Brother's wedding on May 30th. It is quite a chore to get a good picture with all the kids looking and being happy with us. This is the best one Taken.
This one not so good.
Lily was the flower girl.
She was such a pretty princess.
Evan ended up being the ring bearer. Tavner was suppose to do it, but he was having a hard day and wasn't so cooperative. Evan stepped in and was great!

Monday, June 15, 2009

Hot Water!

(Sang to the tune of I wish I were an Oscar Myer Wiener)

Oh, I wish I had hot water in my kitchen!

Oh how happy, joyful I would be.

'Cause if I had hot water in my kitchen

All my many dishes I would clean.

Oh, I wish I had hot water in my bathroom!

Oh, how happy, joyful I would be.

'Cause if I had hot water in my bathroom

I could take that bubble bath I need.

This is the song I was going to leave on the plumber's voice mail today. I have been leaving messages all last week. He came and did some work and we thought it was fixed but it wasn't. Then he went out of town. He is a friend so I haven't been too upset about it. I guess he just got back to town this week.

I thought singing this would help him remember me. Alas! He answered the phone instead! He said he will be coming over today. This is good news, but I was looking forward to my fun.

Steve just rolled his eyes at me this morning when I sang it for him. I said,

"Aren't you going to comment?"

"I chuckled."

"You know I am a verbal person."

"I have to go to work now."

"Are you ignoring me and avoiding the topic?"

He just grinned at me and asked for his keys. "Will I embarrass you if I sing to the plumber?" "No. You can sing the first verse." I got permission to make a fool of myself and then the plumber answers the phone. The nerve!

Friday, June 12, 2009

What can happen when mom sleeps at night?

A successful day

Yesterday was such a success, very productive. With the exception of telling the boys we won't go to the park today, everyone was generally happy all day. Thanks to my darling hubby for letting me sleep.

I completed a homework assignment with 95% correct. I was able to practice the piano and convince the boys to practice. I vacuumed two rooms, gave all six kids haircuts, harvested the cherries and thinned the peach tree. We went to the park for lunch. I found the kids that were chasing the seagulls, then disciplined them intensely. I had story time with the kids, made dinner then had pizza instead (it didn't quite turn out the right way. I am so glad there is a $5 pizza place on the way home from work. Thanks Steve! You are my hero again.)

I also made it to my teaching class at church and visited a few minutes with friends there. I was uplifted and inspired. I squeezed in a good hour phone call with my dear friend, exercised for a while, found bugs and worms, and got soaked in the rain with the kids… It was a great day!

Anything can happen with a good night's rest. You know you are loved when your husband says, "When Dallas gets up tonight send him to me. If Lily gets up send her to me too. You sleep tonight." Thank you Steve! You are the greatest!

Today the sun is shining. The only day the sun shines for a week is the one day we are not going to the park (part of that intense discipline yesterday) This morning I hear nothing but loud angry voices. "I am not going to get dressed! We aren't going to the park today so I am not going to do anything you want! There's no reason for me to get dressed! I want to go to the park!" and so on. Does it matter that I want to go somewhere else? Come on! The sun is shining today! I guess I will mow the lawn.