Sunday, February 8, 2009

Learning Tact Honestly, Dallas

My brilliant 6 year old son, Dallas, was 9 pounds 13 ounces when he was born. In all his wisdom he asked me, "Mommy, if I was such a fat baby and now I am skinny, how come you're still fat when all the kids are out and they are skinny? I mean, sort of a little bit fat. Not that you're fat, but you aren't very skinny... and why was I so fat when I was a baby?" The only answer I could think of while we were rushing to our wherever we were going and trying not to be late was, "Just because. That's the way it is for now. I should exercise more."

That same sweet boy, with all his intelligence, has been a part of a study group. At Waterford they are trying to see how learning is affected by different arrangements, such as math first then reading, reading alone or combined at the same time with learning math, and so on. They are using the computer primarily in Dallas's group. A while ago Dallas started saying he didn't want to go and it was boring. I told the "teacher" Ms. Marg. (- who we totally love by the way.) She said she would watch him and maybe move him ahead in the program. Time passed and we discovered he was in fact clicking at random and not paying attention to the activity the computer was asking for. She had Dallas read to her and she moved him ahead a level, saying it was still probably not on his level but she couldn't really move him more at the time.

She has been great at watching him and asking him how he likes things. She moved him again to level three. Then she asked him, "How's this one Dallas?" "Oh, fine." "If you didn't like it would you tell me?" "No." Then Ms. Marg told me that they really couldn't do anything more for him. That was as high as their program went. She still thinks it is not on his level.

We just finished reading a great book. "Frindle" is a chapter book about a boy in the 5th grade who learns how words are made and get into the dictionary. He decides to test it out and creates the word frindle, which means pen. His English teacher opposes him and every kid in the school misses at least one word on the spelling test each week. They spell pen: F-R-I-N-D-L-E. Dallas cracked up laughing "They spell pen, frindle! Ha ha ha ha!" He loved the book until the very last part where it mentions "5th grade" again with only a few pages left. Dallas was furious, "This book is only for Stephen! It doesn't have any kindergartners in it! It's just for old kids!" Never mind that Stephen is only in 2nd grade. Dallas makes me laugh every day.

Lastly, today our great big three year old Brenden and Evan are in a primary class together and will be giving their first talk/prayer next week. I can't believe they are old enough for this public speaking opportunity already! This most likely will translate to me giving a brief talk while they stand next to me.

Here's to saying things in a polite way!

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  1. I gave Jake's 1st talk....
    happy memories! Dallas makes me laugh every day! he is such a burst of fresh air!