Friday, July 18, 2008

Parade Day!!!

Tomorrow we will be walking in the youth parade for the Days of 47!! Whooohoo!! Again, what in the world am I thinking!!??!?!? We need to be there by 9am and the parade starts at 10. A whole hour waiting to walk for a mile or two??? (I don't really know how long the route actually is. That could be another issue....) Then there is a carnival - free - to thank the kids for their participation. They will have 50 cent hot dogs and cotton candy blah, blah, blah. We are excited, and I am tired thinking of it. After the carnival I plan to have a slow, possibly long drive home so they will rest before we go to the neighborhood BBQ/family night. They will be having three leg races, water balloon toss, and more fun, fun, fun! The part Steve is looking forward to most is the pie eating contest. Hopefully someone will get some pictures of us.

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Well, here's what's been happening here this week.

Steve, my darling husband, took the kids - all of them, by himself- to watch a parade that goes past my grandmother's house. I had school but class got out early. None of my family were there, other than grandma of course. She was so excited to see them she called earlier and asked if they were still coming. She made them dinner and Grandpa washed the driveway and the area of the road in front of their house.

We have painted and moved the big boys to a room in the basement. Tonight is their first night down there. They are excited and I am nervous. My babies are growing up.

Earlier today before it got too hot, the kids played in a little blow up pool the neighbors gave us. They filled it with dirt. We emptied the dirt and got new water. They filled it with dirt. We emptied it and refilled it again. And, then they filled it with dirt, shoes, and a winter sled that somehow is in our back yard. Then we sent them back in the house to watch a movie while we attempted to find the garden.

We had some success in weeding the garden, and found that most of the plants we planted were still there! We just couldn't see them under all those weeds! There are even a few tomatoes on the plants and some yellow squash. The ones that have died are cucumbers, melons, and a zucchini. I couldn't believe that a zucchini would die! But Steve reminded me, that is what will happen if your daughter plucks it out of the ground.

I have changed my school schedule around. I was going to have two classes on Tuesday and Thursday nights. They canceled my second and I signed up for another. That one was also canceled since I was the only student that showed up. At this point I thought it must be a sign. I am not supposed to go to school so much right now. I went the the first week and was happy. Then I discovered that they would be charging me the part time student rates if I only took one class. This basically meant that I would be loosing about $200. I signed up for another class that was not canceled and have a ton to read to catch up for missing the first week. It is a wonderful class, though it is on Monday and Wednesday. Now I have class Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday starting at 5 pm till about 7:30. Not including drive time. My only solace is that it is a condensed summer session so I will only be gone for dinner and bedtime until August.

The only other news that I think could possibly excite anyone would be that Dallas has lost his first tooth! He was so incredibly thrilled that it came out! The new tooth is already coming in behind where the young tooth was. I almost got into big trouble because the tooth fairy forgot to come, but Stephen, that wonderful big brother, told Dallas that the tooth fairy couldn't see it because his tooth was on a cloud. His bedsheets have stars and clouds with moons on a blue background. Dallas moved the tooth to a darker part of the bed. Then we double checked to see if the tooth fairy came. I just couldn't believe she wouldn't come, and she had in fact came. :)