Friday, May 30, 2008

Today a friend announced her toddler, younger than our kids, has been successfully potty trained, mostly. That seems so far away for me, especially since they flooded the bathroom twice yesterday. Today my watch and a comb were in the toilet, but not flooded. Hooray for small miracles! And, another good thing for today, my laundry stayed in the house instead of being strewn all over the back yard for who knows how many hours, after being flung from our bedroom deck. I just love that we have a park behind our house so the whole world can see our underwear and shoes! Who was the culprit? Lily of course, on all counts! Today she decided to fill the tub with our clothes, turn on the water and fill a cup which was then dumped onto the beds. Happy for me it was mostly on her own bed and she missed ours, getting the floor in our room instead. Lily also pulled some of our plants in the garden. The boys were very docile in comparison. Nothing really to report other than they are sick, once again.

But, the older boys were the ones that filled the sandwich bags with water and then put them into the drawers throughout the kitchen. What was I doing when this occurred? Thanking them for helping with the dishes, of course! No wonder they didn't tell me I was welcome.

Sorry I have no pictures of this for today. :)

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Lily LOVES Dogs!!!!

Ok, so we were at my sisters house awhile back, and Lily loves her dogs. Maggie (the dog) was shaking Lily's hand. Lily decided she needed to feed the dogs.

It was so cute watching her play with the dogs.

Cousin Meghan

Last week Meghan Babysat the kids for me. It was quite an experience for her. She is always saying she wants to babysit, but then she realized it was harder than she thought. She still loves babysitting!The babies were tackling Meghan. It was hilarious to see.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

These pictures were taken by my darling hubby - Steve, last night while I was at school. He is on a business trip today. This is a glimpse of our crazy life. Don't ask me why we keep adding more to do. It must be a requirement for having quadruplets that you are insane.

I have started some classes this Spring and Summer terms at the BYU Salt Lake Center. I attend every Tuesday and Thursday from 5 - 10 PM. A big rush right after Steve gets home form work at 4:30ish. ON Wednesdays, unless there is a trip in the way, Steve goes to scouts as he is the second counselor in the young men's presidency and over the boys that are 12-13 years old. He has planned some big trips for them. In a few weeks they will be going to Paria Canyon, a 50 miler backpacking trip. Every two weeks I have a "mini relief society class" that centers around cooking. This is in my home, I coordinate and remind people to come, teach or arrange for someone to teach it, and so forth. I am also attending a mini class about sewing. I have learned why nothing fits me since our first class was about measuring and fitting patterns. Somewhat depressing, but that must be why this class is only once a month.

Well, hooray for me I posted something.Now I am out of time and headed for Stephen's speech therapy class. Enjoy the pictures!
Stephen has started writing his name "Steve" on his schoolwork, but it is still hard for me to call him Steve. He does look like his father!

Here is Dallas doing what he does best: reading and being silly!
Scrubba dub dub! The kids in the tub, Marek, Evan, Lily, & Brenden
Brenden has decided he prefers to be called "Bugga"
The other kids have started referring to him this way now.
E Here is sweet Evan
Marek hurt his nose by kissing the door. I guess he thought it was open?
Lily loves her hair in her face. Even after we comb it, that's where it always is.