Sunday, September 28, 2008

Another day survived!

Wow! Time sure flies, unless you are sitting in a meeting at church with six kids crawling all over the place, fighting over who gets which book to look at, who is touching who, when we will get to go home, etc. This is a really, REALLY long list if I wanted to write it all out. Use your imagination.

We were on time today, but that translated to late anyway since there was a baby blessing today. We were able to find a whole bench open and available just for us. The problem was that it would have been better suited for a family with only five people, not our eight. So, amidst all our fun, Evan sent to the row behind us. I was very happy to find our friend sitting there, and I wondered who the other gentleman was that was so incredibly tolerant of crayons being thrown at him. I looked over to the other side of the room and caught the eye of some friends watching us. I smiled. They waved. I found out later that they watch us every Sunday, with a "vested interest". I think that was what he said. Come to find out, many people watch us "every week". No kidding! Probably ten or so people commented to me today about how nice it is to watch our kids. I think they are really just trying to make me feel better about their embarrassing 2 year old behavior!

Well, we are all friends here! We, (Steve and I) were discussing again how wonderful our area and friends are. We truly must be in the "true ward". In our church, one Sunday out of the month is for fasting and giving testimony. Anyone, everyone is invited to share their faith building experiences at the pulpit on this day. This is the day that babies usually are blessed. This was today. So, I was sitting there listening to a dear sister (all women in the church are sister, men are brother) I was listening to her tell how she loved our people helping her with her five kids, how prayers were answered, and so on. I got that funny feeling in my chest as I thought, "ME TOO!" I leaned over and whispered to Steve, "I'm going up." He said, "What?!" I repeated, "I'm going up." He said, "You're crazy!" I repeated again. He just rolled his eyes. He is the best husband!

I was brief, actually said "ditto" and a few other things, but I really was brief! Lily followed close behind, ended up being there with me. Brenden cried the whole time screaming, "Mommy! I want Mommy!" Repeatedly and when I got back to my seat, Marek was in the other row with Evan. Lily also decided it was really her turn to talk, and she jabbered right along with me. I don't know what she said but the bishop found me after and said he enjoyed both our testimonies. ha ha ha.

Today was especially exciting since we let all the kids walk with NO strollers. It is not very far, just around the block luckily, but an adventure just the same! I suggested to Brenden after a fall that he walk instead of me carrying him. He replied, "NO! RUN!" And he did. We also got compliments on what a sweet boy Stephen is turning into. Dallas is just crazy. I asked Steve if he was feeling all right. He had a headache named Dallas. I was very glad that he sat next to him, and I didn't!

Final thought for the day comes from President Uchtdorf's talk to the Relief Society yesterday. He said we should all be trying to be more like our Lord, who is a creating and compassionate God. Therefore, we should be creative. The word "create" means to make something that wasn't there before. There are many ways to be creative, for example, how many smiles can you create? We often don't give ourselves the credit we deserve. Find the happiness around you, if it isn't there, create some.

Monday, September 22, 2008

A day late and a dollar short

A picture of a window with our new blinds in it! I only have one picture, but there are somewhere close to 20 other windows just as beautiful in our house. Someday we will maybe get curtains too.

Dallas playing the part of the vampire. Behind him you can see a bit of our weekend project. Here is a better view.

Yes! We spent the day canning! It was great. I should be more descriptive in my requests to my darling hubby, and follow through with my friends better, but it all turned out great! I had talked with a friend a few days before and mentioned getting together and canning. Nothing set, but I asked Steve if he might like to watch the kids for me on Saturday. This turned into him saying something to Amber (the friend)about her coming over "today". She says, Oh, okay! We quickly get on the same page, she has her older kids able to watch her younger kids and we head off for the farmers market. Wonderful experience! If you have never been to a farmers market, I highly recommend it.

We got some tomatoes and peaches. This is what we ended up with. We also made some peach pit jelly today (Monday) as it had to sit for 24 hours. I do know how to count and know that after 24 hours it would have been Sunday, not Monday, but this is what our schedules would allow. WE are looking forward to canning some more soon. Perhaps apples, grapes, .... ? We are going to get together every year now I think. Hooray!

After our hard work her family came over for pizza and socializing. When they left, I asked the boys if they had fun with our friends. Of all the possible answers, I was surprised to hear not, "I had fun because..." or "I hated it because..." or even the option of "Who were they?" No. I heard none of these.The response I heard was,"How come there's no bones in our stomachs?" I decided to send them to bed and forget analyzing the day further.

I do have one question though. Why do they make stoves out of melt-able parts? Canning creates a lot of heat!

Friday, September 19, 2008

two left feet

Aren't they cute! I was once again trying to find where the quiet was coming from and found the boys at the piano. They were just sitting there reading a book. Lily has decided to be more girly all the sudden. She follows me around a lot more and wants to be with me. Still, she doesn't prefer dolls or stuffed animals yet.

I thought I would take a picture of all our black dress shoes to go along with this next story, but I can't wait long enough to figure that out. Tomorrow I will for sure be posting pictures. I have too many to wait much longer! So, imagine a giant pile of shoes, they are all black, they are all similar style and size... got it? okay. I am sure this has happened to most people, if not everyone sooner or later, but it's the first time it has happened to us. This was actually on Thursday, but I wanted to get picture to go with it. Next time I will post about our weekend, with pictures!

"DALLAS! YOU"RE LATE!!! HURRY, HURRY, HURRY!!! JUST GET SOMETHING ON YOUR FEET LET"S GO!" I yell as everyone has been waiting in the truck with their seat belts on for near five minutes already. We are late to school again today. Why is this time? Well, I made the wrong thing for lunch. Ramen noodles are what he wanted yesterday when I made mac & cheese. Today he wants PBJ sandwiches. I convince him that it is okay to eat it. Dallas inspects his lunch and discovers that some pineapple juice has touched his noodles. The world may end over this you know. We negotiate. He gets a new plate but the noodles are all distributed and the only noodles for Dallas to eat are on the plate with juice.

This attitude spills over into "I'm not going to do anything you say or want toady, especially get ready for school." I finally just shout his directions and go out to wait with the kids in the truck. When Dallas emerges, his feet look not quite right. I see he is wearing his shoes on the wrong feet. Nope, that's not it...he has two of the same foot shoe, not a match! "Let's go in and find one that matches." So, in the house we go. He is wearing a size 10 and a size 12. The next one is size 11. They are all the same foot shoe! Does it matter that we have assigned shoe cubbies? Apparently not. I guess we need to give the old ones away and go back to that old rule of get the clothes ready before you go to bed at night, and get dressed before you eat breakfast in the morning. He was only about ten minutes late.

I have been talking about Dallas a lot lately. He is just the most amusing for this week. The other kids are doing great. I was trying to get them all out to go one day this week. Marek and Brenden were not out yet. I went back in to find them coming down the stairs holding hands. They are so cute! Stephen has adjusted to school well so far. We are talking with his school about loosening his help and direction while there, letting him be more independent.

There was a shooting in our neighborhood the other day. Not anyone we knew, but still unnerving. It was a domestic dispute. Life light more or less landed in our back yard, the park that is behind our house. We were pretty tired yesterday because of it. Dallas came up from bed to talk about it, but Stephen didn't. I don't know if he just didn't notice, or it didn't bother him, or if he is keeping his feelings inside. He seems fine though.

Here are a few more final thoughts for the day: A double stroller, although built with extra wide seats and a weight limit of up to 50 pounds each seat, is still going to break if you put four kids in at the same time and hit a curb with gravity's help going down a hill. Our wheel broke. It fell off with a crack. Hmm. I thought I heard something when I hit the curb, but it didn't actually fall off until Steve was taking the kids to the school activity last night- while I was at my school. He is wonderful. He was able to get everyone home with out a wheel.

When asked how I look yesterday, Dallas replied, "Like a mom, that's already married." I guess I don't need to impress anyone. Thanks for the compliment.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008


So, I know everyone is dieing to know what really happened on Friday. Sorry to keep you in suspense for so long..... is that long enough? Okay.

I spent the day Friday making a Vampire costume (this translates to cape) Dallas is so excited to be a vampire for Halloween. He thinks they are funny because he saw a show of pink panther that had one sound: "bloah, bloah, bloah!" accompanied by the tongue sticking out each time. It is a good cape! I was quite proud of myself finding the scraps in the basement and using Velcro to stick them together! (Pictures on the way, I promise!)

Well, when we finally got to the party after driving past at least three times and missing it, Dallas ran off hardly saying goodbye to me. He was happy to play. I had stuck my cell number in his pocket and told him that he could call me for any reason. Was this a mistake? On the outset, I thought it was wise since he did not really know who the birthday kid was. Just a few minutes after I drove away, the kid's mom called me. Dallas was crying and needed me. I tried to talk to him, but he was too busy crying. I turned around and went back to collect him.

When I got there, he was not happy. I apologized and took him away. They gave him a goody bag, which he opened in the truck on our way. He found he liked the things in there. Come to find out, the other kids think vampires are scary. Go figure! They all started running away from him. Dallas thought they didn't like him and that is why he needed to go home. Then he told me that his friend Tayton was there. When I asked with surprise why he didn't want to stay, even though Tayton was there, he changed his mind! Another go figure!

I turned around again and took him back. This day turned into a lot of driving! Meanwhile, I was planning to help and my parent's house. That turned into dropping the kids off and having hubby meet me there. I cut a few tomatoes, cucumbers, and a pepper. I went back to get Dallas from the party. I think I was "helping" all of 10 minutes. Oh well. When I got back to get the kids, my parents were leaving. They were feeding about 100 people at the church - Dad's little hobby?

Over the weekend, we had regional conference. This was a great treat that we were able to go downtown to the conference center and see the prophet and other leaders of our church in person. Steve was privileged to go on Saturday morning, I went on Sunday morning and Stephen went with me. Steve, my darling hubby, tended the other kids. Saturdays have also turned into the major-try-to-catch-up-on-cleaning-the-house-day. This is great, since we have so much else going on during the week. Ugh.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Friday! Friday! FRIDAY!!!

Yes, today, tomorrow, but really today by time this will probably be read, is FRIDAY! We have survived the week again. Friday night I have arranged a "girls night out" that means I get to have ice cream with a friend, no kids! My hubby will tend our kids, and her mom will tend her kids. Wow. That was easy. I should try that again in a few months.

On Monday Dallas was invited to a birthday party for a new friend at school. I asked him who he was, and he said, "Umm, well, he's in my class at school. I don't know what he looks like. How come my name isn't on the envelope?" And thus we are thrust into the all too humorous and all too dismal life of parties that invite the whole class. This party is tomorrow. Short notice, fine. This party is a costume party. Not so fine. When I called to find out more details on the event, I learned that like private schools, charter schools may have anyone attend from anywhere in the state. A bit of a drive, fine. As the week has progressed I tried to figure out weather or not Dallas really should go, if he really knew who this person was. He is so excited to be at this party it is almost hilarious. Not only is it a costume party, it is only for boys! No girls will be there at all, except for his mom. That is so AWESOME! (As Dallas says) This is quickly followed up with, "I hope Taden will be there." This is his new found "best" friend, not the birthday boy.

So, we have been talking about birthdays at our house and discovered that WOW the four will be turning 3 in a few weeks! Marek tore a paper cup apart and put the pieces on his head. He turned to Evan and said, "I's my birftay. Eban! Say happy birftay to me!" Way to cute!

In other thoughts, I love "oblivions." These are the people that are oblivious to their surroundings. Usually I really enjoy not being the center of attention everywhere I go. It makes me feel somewhat "normal". So, here's the story. We have been to Waterford for a little more than a week now. Granted we had a holiday in there and we didn't take all the kids in one day (see posting called late again) but we had been there. I dress my kids all matching, generally speaking, when we go out. It is easier to keep track of them, they are just so darn cute that way, and it cuts down on time to sort the laundry. So, when we have been there we were cute.

In addition to this possible obviousness, there is a boy going to the class that was in the same class with us last year. I chatted with his mom. She introduced me to a friend or two. We went through the whole "Wow! That's four? All at the same time? You must be busy! Did you have tons of help? How did it happen? Were you surprised?" The whole bit.

Fast forward to Wednesday. I am there with all the kids in their cute matching outfits. I sit on the floor and play with them. We read books, build with blocks and sort toys. They come to me and call me "Mommy". It is not really that big of a room. After a while my ear catches a conversation that included, "tree skirt" and "$5" followed by a store name. Since we do a tree for the festival, I go to the mothers and apologize for butting in and ask for clarification.

After we talk for a few minutes, the kids keep coming to me with a bumped head, stolen toy, whatever. All the sudden, one of the moms gets that shocked look on her face as she starts putting things together. "Do you have triplets? Are they twins?" I answer, "No, they are quadruplets." Her reply, "Oh! You should write a book!" Of course, the usual questions followed, including when do I get a break. I get to brag about how wonderful my husband is and tell them I am going to school. If they had a look of shock before, amplify it about one hundred times. When they ask what class I am taking, I list three, they are completely amazed. I tell them there is another one that I can't remember. Boy! I forget that we are so different. Yeah, I like oblivions. They make my life more fun.

Needless to say, I have seriously thought of writing that book, in my free time of course. :)

Monday, September 8, 2008


Have you ever noticed how when you are late for one thing it topples everything else off the schedule? We had that problem today. We couldn't find Stephen's lunch box this morning. Then my keys were lost. UGH! I finally remembered that we have an extra copy in the firebox. We were ten minutes late! This, in the minds of my little ones, is like an eternity late.

We were late to pick up our carpool friend, late to school (Dallas only, Stephen was on time), late to get Dallas from school (Waterford - computer class) late bringing our carpool friend home. (Luckily, his mom wasn't too worried) Everything was ten minutes late until we were taking Dallas to his other school. He was only two minutes late, and the teachers had not taken the class inside yet. This translated to "on time" for Dallas. Hallelujah!

I start for home and my phone rings. My mother is inquiring weather or not I remembered the family reunion tonight. Um, no. I didn't. What? Mom remembered something that I didn't? And I was the one sending out the reminder email last week? Yes.

From there we hurried home, made some cookies, scoured the house looking for the keys, almost on time to get Dallas home. I sat in the pick up line for almost 30 minutes, thinking I was on time, but he still says, "Mommy. I was the last one to go home again." Followed quickly, luckily for me, by, "But there were lots of kids missing today." From there we were late to get Stephen from school. He was happy though because he found his lunchbox! Yup. At school. No wonder I couldn't find it.

We were on time to the reunion though. We had a great time there! Everyone said our kids were so cute, even though I am sure most of them were really thinking something more like, "Man! Those kids are so grumpy and whinny! What spoiled brats!" I thought that a few times. We stayed way too late, of course. They were over tired, late all day, feeding off their mother's stress, etc. However, there were bubbles and more importantly DIRT! They did have fun.

Stephen's biggest problem was that other kids sat at the table that he wanted us to sit at, after I decided we were sitting somewhere else. Hmm... Maybe he should say the words ALOUD before he tells me he already told me. He was sweet and had set up some cups of water on a table and I didn't notice. The repercussions from this lasted around 45 minutes.

All in all, it was a wonderful day! My hubby is marvelous with the kids, and let me gab with family. My cookies turned out great. I completed a homework assignment for my cooking class, and I did not have to eat them all by myself, which of course I would have if they were in my house still. And, I found my keys. Oh, what was that? Where were they? In my purse.

Saturday, September 6, 2008


I am back. I will make this short though since there is another day waiting for me tomorrow. This morning my niece was baptized so we all got dressed up and went out for that. We stopped at a few ward sales along the way. I scored a bench seat for our deck, $10, and loads of blankets, a few leap pad books, and a little doodad for the Festival of Trees 2009. (Oh, we got our spot for this year - A9 in case anyone wants to check it out. Fund raiser for the Children's Hospital, hint hint and let me know if you are bored or lonely and want to help with the project this year. That sounded wrong. You can want to help even if you aren't bored or lonely, and I don't want any weird-o people following me around. I have enough of that already.)

We came home for a "quick" change of clothes and lunch, which actually took way too long! We didn't get back out again until almost three o'clock. The plan was for around one o'clock. We went to the state fair. The best part for me was watching the reactions of those around us. We are not very obvious anymore when we go out to busy places like that. We take one double stroller and two singles. Stephen is a great big brother and helps push one. With this arrangement, we are separated often. One time I was a little behind and the people going between us were laughing at. I was laughing at them. I wanted to shout, "Yup, that's my boy!" But they were having too much fun. Dallas was screaming about wanting to go home - RIGHT NOW! His feet hurt, etc, etc.... I guess it's funny to watch a small person with such a large vocabulary who knows how to use it. We stopped for dinner on the way to the Stake Anniversary Celebration. I decided to let Steve take the boys while I put the other kids to bed. Yeah, right. They could see the party from our windows (It was at the park behind our house. Dallas came home via over the fence.) They didn't want to go to bed. Lily kept carrying blankets to the window and calling for her brothers, "a bed! A bed! Teeben (means Stephen) Dallas! A BED!"

When I was attempting my earlier post, I was sitting on my new bench out on the deck, listening to the live band, wishing I could be down there dancing, but enjoying the distance. I was watching the kids go down the big blow up slides and bounce on the bouncers. The sun was barley glowing behind the mountain as it had just set. The breeze was cool and gentle. I was a great minute.

Now I am inside sitting on floor without a breeze, smelling old laundry and diapers. The music is gone. All I hear are a few cars going by on a road in the distance.

Anyway, Steve got a picture of Stephen doing an "air guitar" at the bottom of the slide. Our batteries are out on the camera now. Someone remind me to post the pictures! Also got a good one of the kids on a boat at the fair.

Sweet success...

Okay, so today went kind of like this, with a lot of other kid interruptions in it. Wake up late (of course, by this I mean it was already 7 and the kids were out and about the house before me.) Late start to breakfast, meaning it ... oh this will have to wait longer. There are more kid interruptions.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Another day, another miracle or two.

Here are some pictures of our new blinds! Just kidding. Sorry no time for taking pictures and waiting forever for them to download to the computer. I am sure there must be an easier way! We DO really have our blinds up though!

They only took three days, one new tool, and one persistent husband to get them up. Amazing! They are so beautiful I can't believe it took us so long to get them. Our home is much more cozy now. The kids have endless fun with the boxes. They are building a shed for Daddy, since it's so expensive to buy one. They are so thoughtful and smart! Yup, this idea came from Dallas.

We have had these other blinds over our sliding glass door up for about a month now. They are still ALL up! Another miracle, I know! We get so many miracles! The packaging they came with that is perfect for racing cars down, see previous post, is still entertaining the kids.

In other news, school is going well so far for the boys. They have not been late yet! Miracle number... um, I've lost count. But that is a big miracle! I was late to my class yesterday. Go figure. Taking all the kids, we are on time. Taking myself alone, I am late. hmmm.

I did manage to get a picture of the four today. They are having a big celebration in our stake for a 30 year anniversary something. Since we were a big service project they asked me to send a picture of our kids for display. Here is one of my attempts. They were getting pretty tired of me and although no one is really smiling, this actually has all four kids in the frame. Next time I will have a helper, like a professional or something. I ended up finding an older picture from before the kids were old enough to run away for the display. :)

Marek, Evan, Brenden, Lily