Saturday, January 3, 2009

Fan Club

Dallas has his own fan club going. We went to the Primary activity this morning where the kids get to meet their teachers. The teacher Dallas had last year paid him a compliment, again, saying, "Dallas is going to be the next Bill Gates. He's so smart!" I say it's just more obvious than other people's smarts because he is so wordy. Today he was mouthy!

"This is so ridiculous! It's so embarrassing! ….. This is the worst day of my life and it's all your fault! You're the worst mom ever!" At least I know I am not alone in my quest as Steve was nominated for the worst Dad ever moments later. What could cause this display of early teenage-hood? You probably did not guess it was because I got the wrong color of snowsuit for him to wear. Yup, my 5-year-old boy is seriously fashion conscious. Wrong color, doesn't fit right, feels "funny" when he walks. Ah, the rant lasted a good 20 minutes. When the other kids went out Dallas was ready with his boots on and everything. Did he go with? No. When they came back in and I started taking their suits off, there was a brief pause in the yelling. Upon the second kid becoming near naked Dallas asked, "Is outside time over? I MISSED IT!!!?!?!" And the lecture continued, complete with tears. Wow. I had to ask myself what will happen when he actually is a teenager? Seems to me the only thing missing is his amount of sleep! I was looking forward to this much later in life, from my daughter! Could this possibly be the same kid that was so sweetly reminding me that I needed to apologize a few days ago? Hmmmm….

We ended the day late, but on a good note doing sand art that we got from Christmas.

Tomorrow there is a time change and class change for the new year at church. All kids are old enough to attend primary for the first time. Starting at 9AM! Let's hope we feel like being morning people in eight and a half hours from now!


  1. Jake is a SHOE SNOB!!!
    always has been. go figure.
    and the "hate you mom" starts about 5 1/2. then it goes away and starts again in a few years. sorry, forgot to tell you lol!!! so far as the parent of a teenager, i am mostly subjected to "attitude and tone"!! oh my... and i actually called and apologized to my mom not to long ago. she just laughed!

  2. Well, you've got a mouther, huh?! Good luck with that?

    It will be SO nice for you to have ALL your kids in Priamary. {They probably make the primary. teehee}

    9 am is hard. {8 am would be worse- so I shouldn't complain.} We have been at 9 am for the last few years since we're the only ward that meets at this Stake Center. The Stake Pres. wanted it that way. I was HOPING we'd at least move to 10 am this year. No such luck.

    How's your book coming along?