Friday, January 2, 2009


We have never kept our kids out quite this late before, but tonight was a special occasion. The Utah football team was playing in the Sugar Bowl. The commentators were saying stuff like, "Utah will be lucky to keep it close" HA! We smoked them! The University of Utah has a 13-0 record this year, the only team in the nation to go undefeated this season. WHOOHOO! Utah 31, Alabama 17!

We went to a friends house and let all the kids run wild in their basement, and we saw some other friends that have moved, great time! The other girls there were hiding in the basement bathroom because they didn't want their dads to see that they had taken their clothes off to be in their princess outfits (their mothers had told them to put the dress ups on over the clothes they were wearing) Lily was happy to find a pink car and some really cool dinosaurs. That's my girl! Stephen got into the game a little, but had more fun playing. No one was scared by all the yelling and hooting. It was great.

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