Saturday, January 17, 2009

Luckiest ever, again

I must be the luckiest mom ever again today. You would think after being left home alone Thursday and getting lost Friday would not find Stephen quite so affectionate towards me. Oh, I didn't tell you about Friday yet. We took the family out for free family skating night at a roller skate place that allows scooters. The kids were excited and had lots of fun, for a few minutes. We were there kind of early and thought it looked like a good enclosed place. You just go around a circle together in the middle of a room. What could happen?

Evan pulled off to the side for a break so I stopped with two other kids, Steve had the fourth and the two older ones seemed to be holding their own. I guess Evan didn't realize I was standing behind him. He all the sudden turned around, as if he thought he had left me, which he had. He took off running though the circle with a terrified look on his face. Luckily, I was standing next to a person we knew, asked to look after the other two for a second. Steve pulls up at that same second and asks where Evan is. I caught him quickly, not too stressed.

We decided it was time we should be going home. The boys were still riding fine, waving when they would pass. Steve took the scooters out with him while he brought the truck to the door for easier loading. Dallas came to me and I told him to get Stephen, go around two more times and be ready to go. I thought I would get the four out and be back no problem to catch the other two. Fine idea if I didn't get myself lost. I found an unknown hallway leading to a bigger play area instead of the exit.

Well, Dallas decided to leave Stephen and could not find me. I found him right as he was starting to tear up. Whew! Stephen on the other hand was nowhere to be seen. I run Dallas and the four out and start looking for him. I found him rather quickly, but he was scared and crying. Every second feels like eternity when you are lost. He said he was never going to stop crying and Dallas started getting mad at him. When I told him he was okay, it was scary and he should cry as much as he wanted, he stopped crying instantly. So, a fun outing had four people lost, Evan, myself (even though I just couldn't find the door I count that as lost), Dallas, and Stephen. We stopped for ice cream on the way home.

So back to today and my good fortune. We all went shopping at Wal-Mart. Not exactly according to the original plan of splitting up, I take three grocery shopping while hubby takes three shopping for clothes. Stephen just won't stop growing and seriously needed more shirts. As we were looking, Stephen kept wandering off. I was starting to get quite mad inside when I couldn't see him for the third or fourth time. Just then, he comes running up to me holding a necklace. I didn't even know we were anywhere near the jewelry dept. He says, "Look!" "Oh, that's pretty." I said, looking at a simple silver chain with a plastic diamond. He tells me, "I saw a show on the history channel about this rock and I think you should have one! It's only $6.97! Can we get it for you?" How sweet is that! What could I say other than yes? I directed him to Dad for approval, who in turn asked me for approval, saying, "he picked it out all by himself"

So, back to today with my good luck.

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