Monday, January 12, 2009


I know everyone is dying to know how Sunbeams went for the kids. Here is the summary: Lily totally and completely hates it, Brenden doesn't like it much but he deals with it. Marek likes it lots and Evan... well, Evan just goes. I don't know if he likes it or not. The funny part is the first week they all fought it so much (Except Marek) that they changed their minds about splitting the class. At first they were planning to keep everyone together, now they will separate to two classes. I know it's not just because of my kids, but Lily cried the WHOLE time again yesterday. :) Ah, that's my girl.

In other news, we have entered a new phase. I call it the "shake your butt" phase. At least, I expect it to be a phase. How many ways can you use the phrase, "Shake your butt"?

1. During punishment: "Dallas! Are you listening? Did you hear what I told you? What did I just tell you?" (Yelled very loudly, full of anger.) The answer: "Shake your butt!" (Followed by difficult attempts to control my laughter)

2. As a yes or no in response to requests: "Dallas, do you have your seat belt on yet?" "Shake your butt"

3. As a nickname: "I'm the shake your butt!"

4. A greeting: Open the door to a neighbor, run away dancing and singing, "Shake your butt, yeah, shake your butt, yeah! Shake your booooodie, yeah! Shake your butt!" (This one was by Marek, very cute! Good thing it was someone we already knew at the door. They said, "Oh, this is the fun house!")

5. As an insult: "Mommy! Dallas called me a shake your butt!"

6. A to do list item: "Today is Monday. That means we are going to school. Let's get ready and not be late." "I'm going to shake my butt!"

7. My personal favorite, as an embarrassment: "Dallas, it's prayer time. Please be reverent." (During sacrament meeting at church.) "SHAKE YOUR BUTT!"

How many more can you think of? I may be adding to the list as the kids progress through this phase. How long does a phase usually last?


  1. hahahahahaha!
    oh i was laughing sooo hard my sides hurt!

  2. I just have one thing to say. Bahahahahahahahahahaha! Ecspecially the sacrament meeting one. Seriously, I would have died laughing! Sorry I'm no help but that is funny!

  3. I'm so going to ask Dallas and Marek to shake their butts next time I see them. That is too cute, and hilarious, how do you not laugh when they say that?

  4. sometimes I do laugh, that might be the problem...