Tuesday, March 3, 2009

communication breakdown

Last night we went to the Utah Museum of Natural History. They have one day a month with free admission. It was really cool! They have real fossils there, not just the copies of them, an awesome kid area with puzzles and little pebbles to "dig" for dinosaur bones in, and there was a bug collection display that the kids just loved! We ran into some friends there that also like the word "free".

All ended well, but there were challenges along the way. A later than expected start for our journey was buffered by Evan actually eating some dinner. He told me it was delicious! A real compliment coming from him! He even asked for seconds!!! WOW!

We get on our way and Steve starts to turn the truck into a parking lot. "This isn't where we're going." "What? Oh. Where are we going?" We get to another parking lot. "Is this it?" "No. It's the Utah museum of Natural History. This one is for art." "Oh! The one clear over there!?!"

We finally get there. After looking for a parking spot (I guess I am not the only one who likes "free") I say to the kids, "Okay. We are here. I'll get the strollers out." Steve says, "Strollers? I didn't know you wanted them."

We had a great time though! The kids were well behaved and didn't get lost at all. I think we will be doing this again and not worry about the strollers.

The question for the day: How do you make friends if you are not supposed to talk to strangers and everyone you don't know is a stranger?

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  1. great question. Who came up with that one? Dallas????