Tuesday, March 10, 2009

How many toilets?

How many toilets?

So tell me, how many toilets do you think are necessary in one home? I say at least 2 if there are more than one person living there. I have wondered how frivolous my four toilets are from time to time. Today though, I was wondering if I needed more.

Dallas announces early in the day that the toilet in the basement has been clogged. Since we are busy trying to get to school I let it go till later. Then, of course, I forget about it as life continues. Then Dallas reminds me, after he used it again and it still didn't work. Yuck. So, then I go to the one near the kitchen. That's where the plunger is. Kids in the kitchen distract me again. I hear the door close and turn to see Evan standing there with a grin on his face, yup. The bathroom door is locked. Plunger? In the locked room.

Oh well. I will just unlock the door. Where is that key? Hmmm.. I will try a screwdriver. Nope doesn't fit. How about this nail? It worked yesterday. No, it's not working today… Hmmm… nothing else seems to fit in there.

Hey! Get out of the bathroom! I run upstairs to find a clogged toilet in the hallway. It keeps running so I jiggle the handle. Whew! That was a close call! Oh no! I am going to be late for getting the kids from school! Let's go! Out of the mud! Out of the snow! Into the truck!! Evan! I said stay out of the mud! Let's go!

From school pick up to an attempted grocery trip.
"Do you have to go to the bathroom before we go?"
"No." "Are you sure?" "I said no!" "Okay."

Inside the store, still getting the kids into the baskets.
"Dallas, what's wrong? Do you have to go to the bathroom?" "No." "Are you lying to me?" "Yes." UGH! Race to the back of the store. He is afraid of going alone, doesn't want anyone else going but me. I can't fit everyone in the little back room of the grocery store…. Dallas decides to be brave and goes alone, with all of the rest of us standing as close to the hallway entrance as we can. Hooray!

Now let's get those groceries. No, no, no, no, no, that's not on the list. That's not on the list. We have that at home already. No, we don't need that… Oh no! We are out of time! A half way done shop and late to get Stephen from school!

I think we will just collect him and return, but when we get home, our dear friend is outside in our driveway waiting to say hi. I let everyone out of the truck for "just a minute", which ends up being a big minute. I have a flashback of our friend that watched the kids last week asking if we were able to unclog the toilet. The kids got together when she was watching them. This seems to be their favorite game this month. I told her, "Yes, but now the one in the basement is clogged." As I remember this, I shout out for all to hear, "Do not use a toilet if it is not working!" Then I visit our friend, unload what few groceries made it home with us, start making dinner…

Steve gets home and I tell him, "If you need to use the bathroom you have to use the one in our bedroom." "Okay" He goes upstairs and hollers, "What's this?!" I inform him the hall bathroom is clogged, the basement bathroom is clogged, the kitchen bathroom is locked and I can't get it unlocked. He says the hall bathroom looks really stuck and flooded into the hallway. What?!? They must have gone in there again when I wasn't looking! He asks, "Where's the plunger?" I am sure he thought I was just not interested in doing that fun job. "It's in the locked one!" My hero hubby to the rescue! He reminds the boys of the four wipes/courtesy flush rule, "I'm not saying you did it. I am saying this rule applies to everyone."

He magically unlocks the bathroom and has all bathrooms restored to working order within the blink of an eye.

So, how many toilets are enough, needed, too many? In this house, today, we need four! And half of us are not even potty trained yet! I am so glad no one was sick and needing to use it at the same time. Hooray for my hero hubby and his magical door unlocking, toilet unclogging skills! Afterwards, we all went to the grocery store. What a great day! Useable bathrooms and food in the house too. Wow!

Sorry no pictures today!

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  1. Wow!! Lydia! You are so lucky to have a GREAT husband like Steve! I always knew he was very smart and talented and now he's a 'Magical Door Unlocking, Toilet Unclogging Expert'!!
    I must say that I have noticed he has greatly improved in the department of tolerance and patience in the last ten years.
    Thanks, Steve. Love you. I have 4 toilets. Can you fix them?