Friday, March 27, 2009


I feel so domesticated today! This week I have been able to get the kids to where they need to be close to on time every time, I gave Stephen a haircut, made a few meals at home, put in an hour or so at Stephen's school, finished some of the boys homework, took the kids to the library, made a feeble attempt to grocery shop, and finished sewing that dress for Lily. The one I started back in August last year. I was so glad to see that it fit her and she liked it! She wore it all day and was mad when it was time for jammies. Hopefully she still likes it on Sunday! I also looked for my desk under that giant pile of papers and finished reading two books for my homework! WOW! But, alas, the dishes are NOT done and the toilets are excited for me to clean them today. Other than finishing the dress this week has been pretty much a normal one, but wow, I finished sewing the dress!!! I will post a picture soon, after she wears it Sunday... I hope.

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