Thursday, March 19, 2009

Would you like blueberries with that flood?

Yesterday was a wonderful day! It was the first day in over a week that we did not have any clogged toilets. Stephen won a contest at school for the cutest and the smallest green thing for St. Patrick's day. Of course the smallest thing is the cutest thing according to him. He is so wise. I should have known that.

Steve got home from work and went into the bathroom. "What's this? Why are all the towels in here?" I sigh and say, "We had a flood in there today. I didn't get to finish the project. Sorry."

"Oh. Okay." He says with a roll of his eyes. I am sure he is thinking it's another toilet problem. Then he askes, "Where's the toilet paper?"

"It's in the sink!" Yes, we have moved on to bigger and better more difficult to fix problems. Hooray for progress, and teamwork!

I explain to Steve, I had a phone call from out of state family and took a moment outside to hear better. When I went in to check on the kids they were all in the bathroom, "Not me!" Says Evan. Right. You are dry. It was not you. There were three crowded around the sink, water on, splashing, flooding...

I get them out of there and Brenden starts to cry. Is it because he's in trouble? No. He sobs, "I'm wet! I'm wet! Aaahhhh! I'm wet!" Sniffle, sniffle, snuff. And wet he stays until bedtime, or until he air-dries. Whichever comes first. I ask Dallas to get me a towel. In his better mood moment he rushes back with the entire cupboard and throws it at me. Thanks for helping today Dallas! Next time just bring one.

Dallas has been on a good streak. He has been having learning time with the kids. Yesterday he taught them the letters, today he taught them numbers. He has a treasure box for them for being good. He has also covered gravity. I wonder what will be next. I think he is trying to teach them cursive. Such a good creative boy. I have been better at not speaking all my thoughts and it is more peacefull around here today.

For example, Dallas said he would not eat breakfast today (big surprise) because it was not chocolate chip muffins it was blueberry. He tells me after about an hour, "okay mom. Here's the deal." I wanted to shout, "No! Here's the deal. I am the mom! I made you food, and you will eat what I made you!" But I didn't. I listened for a minute. "Here's the deal. I will eat 6 bites and you will let me eat something else with it." Sounds reasonable. Okay. He ended up eating three muffins, including a few blueberries, and forgot to ask for the something else to go with it. Here is the biggest shock: He is still alive after eating what I made!

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  1. Congrats to Stephen for being the cutest and the smallest. Don't you love it when the kids make deals? Good on you for letting him make the choice to eat your food. Hooray he's still alive!!! LOL