Friday, March 6, 2009

It's all Marek's fault!

That would be a ridiculous thought if it did not make so much sense from Dallas' point of view. "Marek broke it because he is always eating stuff! If he didn't eat my pants my zipper would not be broken!" I try to conceal my laugh, and remember the episode from the other day, the one of the pants soaking from Marek's drool last week that disrupted our day. The day the only pair of pants that Dallas had clean, he went to put them on and found wet spots on the legs. Dallas exploded yelling, "Marek! Did you eat my pants!?" "Yes." Dallas says surprisingly calm, "Well, it's just a little wet. I can still wear them." Then not so calm, "Oh NO! They're wet here too! Marek! Why did you eat my pants?!" Followed my more yelling and crying about not having any pants to wear.

I quietly put them in the dryer. When he was done screaming, I handed them to him dry. Yes, he was upset by wet pants long enough to have them dried in the dryer. I admit they were not soaked, but much more wet than I would expect from a mouth. Today I can't even tell him how the zipper really broke in the wash. I just get him a new pair of pants.

This scuttle doesn't bother me though because I started my day receiving a compliment from Stephen. He said, "I like your hair Mom." Then he proceeded to help me fix Lily's hair. She had at least twenty "pretties" in her hair. I don't think there will be a problem keeping her hair out of her face or food out of her hair today.

2 hours later, I am proven wrong, on both counts.

Stephen had no school today, but Dallas had the usual Friday run around. We dropped him off at school (On time hooray!) had a lunch with Daddy, rushed back to get Dallas (Late, boo hoo!) then we all went for an adventure to the library. We returned the gobs of books we had, collected the ones I had on hold, picked up a few new videos to watch, and watched the kids go crazy but luckily not lost while Dallas got his very own library card!

We made it safely out to the truck and decided that we were being good enough to go back in for the "event" of the day. As if that wasn't enough event yet! We watched a magic show, a good one. Stephen was chosen to be a helper. They were doing spoofs of the Dr. Seuss stories and Stephen was king from the Bartholomew and the Ooblek story. Then Dallas was chosen to help as a lion for a Horton story, from before he was "famous". I wish I had my camera! They were great! Nevertheless, as soon as Dallas sat down he started saying he wanted to go home. No much more embarrassing than when you have a kid participate in a great thing and yell loudly he wants to leave.

Tonight we had a double date with some friends and I tried sushi for the first time. Better than I thought it would be! Nice to try new things with seasoned "professionals" And our sitter said we have good kids. They were all in bed sleeping when we got home. It's been another great day of crazy!


  1. That Marek is such a trouble maker, gosh! I didn't know he enjoyed eating pants. What a fun past time to have. :)

  2. oh yea, and I love love love Lily's hair. Stephen did such a good job helping you.