Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Test, test, test!

When are these college professors going to realize that "test" is a four-letter word?

After a long week of not being home because of movie production day, a day to the doctor's, a surprise change in the school schedule (Dallas was getting out of school before Stephen, but the night before it changed to Stephen was getting out first. This changed our car pool possibilities.) The only thing I remember about Thursday was being in a class taking a test. Friday I remembered why I took statistics as an "in-person" class verses an online course - UGH!

Saturday was fun filled from 10 AM until nearly 3PM as we had a great party at Steve's work. A big "hoorah" for the good fiscal year! There are pictures for next time I can figure it out. We had fun with a giant blow up slide/bouncer/clown balloons/tours/lunch/popcorn/cotton candy/and more! All for "free", you just have to give your life to the company each day of the normal workweek. :) Steve became an impromptu tour guide, and he was in the right place at the right time to help with the candy toss! I won a "guess how much candy is in the jar" game and we missed the magic show. We ended up walking away with full tummies, tired legs, and about $25. There was money with the candy toss and in my jar of candy! WOOHOO!

After the party, we went pumpkin picking again, since we "NEED" more. I was not able to get good pictures there unfortunately. We were getting to the end of our fun meter. Dallas smashed his finger after having fought with Stephen over who got to pull the wagon the whole time. He got his turn in the last half walk through the parking lot. Got to the truck and the weight of the pumpkins carried the wagon further than he wanted, smashing his finger between the handle and the bumper. He is fine, but it was a loud ride home.

We lined our pumpkins up in front of the house. The boys were so excited we were finally decorating for Halloween! The orange globes were only there one night. Yup, stolen. They were so considerate and left two pumpkins. Grrrr, not my favorite people. Why does anyone have to steal things from kids? We will not be purchasing more this year. There is one for each boy, good enough.

Anyway, this week is looking like another crazy one. There was a test tonight in history, statistics reminded me we have a test this week, and I had a test last week in geology! I expect to take my final for cooking class sometime soon. I still have five more things to cook. You'd think I have to feed my family, but no, this doesn't make it easier for me to cook the class requirements. Here is a funny note - Dallas loved the fish I made last night. I have never cooked fish before. He was upset we couldn't have it for breakfast this morning and also asked for it at lunchtime. I made chicken for dinner today. I asked if he liked it. He said, "Yeah, it looks kind of like fish!"

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