Tuesday, October 14, 2008

big news

Hi! We had a marvelous day today! I will tell you all about it ASAP, but not now. We had a long day, very, very,long. But some great blogging to look forward to! I have to find some pics to post with the story. Hopefully it will be on tomorrow!!! I am sure Shelly will remind me if I forget, but how could I? No, we are not pregnant! And it's not about the weather being crazy. I think they said it should be up in the 70's again this weekend...

until then! :)

okay, okay! I can't keep it all a secret! We - meaning some of my boys, meaning mostly Evan - are going to be in a movie! More later!


  1. Exciting! Can't wait to hear more!

  2. that is where you are going to leave it? That is a mean tease. Lucky for you I already know the story. I was going to blog it myself if you didn't :)

  3. O.k. you big tease. It has been two days now. What movie? Details please! Oh, by the way, I am coming home for a visit next week. I will be there from the 22nd through the 2nd. I do have some of those days that are booked, but some are still open and flexible. If you aren't busy, I'd love to come see ya!