Monday, October 27, 2008

For Entertainment's Sake

Yesterday was the primary program at church. This is when all the kids between the ages of 3 and 12 participate in singing and each has a small speaking part. It is always one of my favorite Sundays of in the year. As if our church attendance isn't entertaining enough with our kids, they all decided they wanted to go up with Stephen and Dallas, but since their birthday was not before January last year they aren't in a class that participates in this yet.

We were not quite early enough to get a large space for us, but didn't worry too much because the kids go up after sacrament is passed. So, Evan decided he needed to leave more times than I can count. A sweet grandma Martha saw and let him go sit with her. Lily went too. They just kept going back and forth across the aisle. Funny, until Evan grinned at Martha, she beckoned him he giggled and started going to the opposite direction. I caught him and chaos pursued. It was just about this time when Dallas got up with his class for their parts. The teacher knelt down near them and whispered for them to remember. It sounded like, "Whisper whisper." "Mumble mumble." Next kid, "whisper whisper." "Mumble mumble." Then came Dallas. The teacher stood and backed up away from him. He was the last in his class. "If Jesus were standing next to me I would try to be good." Good job Dallas! Then we hear some laughter. I wondered if it was because of the idea that Dallas would try to be good. I found out later from someone else that an older sister to some other kids was down front trying to make her family members laugh. She was doing air guitar, singing in the mic, being real exaggerated and fun. Good to know.

On the way home a neighbor was out and stopped me to let me know she was just laughing at Dallas, as she was listening to the other kids and thinking, What? What? Oh! Dallas did it! He seemed so mature. We of course already knew he was mature for his age, but where was the real humor?

Steve went Home teaching later - this is when the men in the priesthood go to check on the members in the ward, be good friends and see if they could use any help with anything. We try to visit every month. Anyway, one of the families made a point to thank him for the entertainment in church today. I think she was referring to the continued chaos that was followed by me giving up and deciding to take two that were so eager to escape. When I got to the hall to give them a good talking to, all four of them were there! I took Brenden and Marek back in and told Steve, "I'm only taking the naughty ones out!" So, of course they all began a big display of naughty to get out of there. They love going to their class and think that if they get out of sacrament meeting they get to go to class sooner. I missed Stephen's part during all this confusion, but I heard that he did it and was good.

The funniest part for me: I forgot until Saturday morning that the primary program was this week. I had lost Dallas's part. I asked him what he was supposed to say and he told me. I said, okay if you say so. Good. That kid amazes me.

Later at night, Steve said to me, "You realize we will be sitting on that bench alone next year…" My kids are growing up! Sigh.
All in all an entertaining day, just like every Sunday.

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