Saturday, October 4, 2008


Okay, so it's my turn to be an oblivion. I went to school the other day, got out of my first class early and decided to get some dinner at the Subway across the street. It is a cozy place with only 4 tables in it. Of course, they were all taken. An older gentleman saw me looking around and we caught eyes. He started moving his things off the table and invited me to sit. I said thanks and sat down. We chatted a bit. "Are you native to Utah? How long have you lived here? The commute from ??? for 20 years as he has worked where he does..."

Another man waked in and ordered a sandwich. They knew each other and the man I was sitting with stood to visit him a while. When he sat down again (the other man was getting it to go) he asked if I recognized the one that left. I said no, but he did look vaguely familiar. Well, that would be because he is a news anchor that I see, or should see more than once a day for I don't know how many years! Oh well.

We chatted some more about the work he has been doing for the last 20 years. He works for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, just down the street in that great big building. I ask, "Oh, what do you do for them there?"

Umm..This is where he tells me he a full time employee, what is called a General Authority of the Quorum of the Seventy. Yup, a leader of the church that I belong to that has probably been on TV many more than one time, who I am supposed to pay attention to and has his picture posted at least twice a year in the conference session issue of our church publications. The conference that is this weekend! Ugh! So what do I say in response? He is most likely thinking that I am not even a member of the church according to our conversation. "Oh, I guess they wouldn't be hiring in your department then." DUH LYDIA!!!

This is a lifetime calling from on high, not a real job! Here is the real kicker though. If I did see him on the television as we are watching conference this weekend, I do not think I would remember what he looked like and I don't remember what his name was. As we parted after more stupidity revealed by myself, he said, "That's okay. I like the anonymity." I can relate to that.

On another note, yes, my kids had a birthday this week. They are three years old now. My sister has posted a few pictures on her blog if anyone wants to look at them. Here is her site For today I am still in denial that they are growing up. Maybe I will address it tomorrow. And yes, they are way too cute!


  1. haha, this reminded me of the movie The RM where the main character Jared starts dating this girl and finds out that her dad is a member of the 2nd qourm on the seventy and Jared makes a comment about how he is sorry he didn't recognize him and that there are so many general authorities that the conference issue of the ensign will soon look like a playboy centerfold. hehehehe Makes me chuckle just thinking of it.

  2. Oh, and it's o.k. to be in denial that the quads are getting older. I'm still in denial that Tammy isn't a toddler and she is 13 now. *shock*

  3. i know ALOT of people who dont recoginize the GA's in strret clothes. remember Inez Daurtghty? she was on a family history mission and she GQ's president FAUST! LOL. snort, giggle...
    i cannot believe they are 3!!! i am in awe of what you do everyday...
    YOU ROCK!!!

  4. I am laughing with you and not AT you...I would of some the SAME thing I am sure of it. The sad thing is I can see myself as I read your story. hehe

    And wow, the zoo animals turned three? I remember Sandi and Paulette telling me all about your pregnancy and when they were born. :) I don't even know you or your children personally and even I can't believe they are already 3!

    Happy days...

  5. I'm just going to say DUH!!!! :) Love ya!