Friday, September 19, 2008

two left feet

Aren't they cute! I was once again trying to find where the quiet was coming from and found the boys at the piano. They were just sitting there reading a book. Lily has decided to be more girly all the sudden. She follows me around a lot more and wants to be with me. Still, she doesn't prefer dolls or stuffed animals yet.

I thought I would take a picture of all our black dress shoes to go along with this next story, but I can't wait long enough to figure that out. Tomorrow I will for sure be posting pictures. I have too many to wait much longer! So, imagine a giant pile of shoes, they are all black, they are all similar style and size... got it? okay. I am sure this has happened to most people, if not everyone sooner or later, but it's the first time it has happened to us. This was actually on Thursday, but I wanted to get picture to go with it. Next time I will post about our weekend, with pictures!

"DALLAS! YOU"RE LATE!!! HURRY, HURRY, HURRY!!! JUST GET SOMETHING ON YOUR FEET LET"S GO!" I yell as everyone has been waiting in the truck with their seat belts on for near five minutes already. We are late to school again today. Why is this time? Well, I made the wrong thing for lunch. Ramen noodles are what he wanted yesterday when I made mac & cheese. Today he wants PBJ sandwiches. I convince him that it is okay to eat it. Dallas inspects his lunch and discovers that some pineapple juice has touched his noodles. The world may end over this you know. We negotiate. He gets a new plate but the noodles are all distributed and the only noodles for Dallas to eat are on the plate with juice.

This attitude spills over into "I'm not going to do anything you say or want toady, especially get ready for school." I finally just shout his directions and go out to wait with the kids in the truck. When Dallas emerges, his feet look not quite right. I see he is wearing his shoes on the wrong feet. Nope, that's not it...he has two of the same foot shoe, not a match! "Let's go in and find one that matches." So, in the house we go. He is wearing a size 10 and a size 12. The next one is size 11. They are all the same foot shoe! Does it matter that we have assigned shoe cubbies? Apparently not. I guess we need to give the old ones away and go back to that old rule of get the clothes ready before you go to bed at night, and get dressed before you eat breakfast in the morning. He was only about ten minutes late.

I have been talking about Dallas a lot lately. He is just the most amusing for this week. The other kids are doing great. I was trying to get them all out to go one day this week. Marek and Brenden were not out yet. I went back in to find them coming down the stairs holding hands. They are so cute! Stephen has adjusted to school well so far. We are talking with his school about loosening his help and direction while there, letting him be more independent.

There was a shooting in our neighborhood the other day. Not anyone we knew, but still unnerving. It was a domestic dispute. Life light more or less landed in our back yard, the park that is behind our house. We were pretty tired yesterday because of it. Dallas came up from bed to talk about it, but Stephen didn't. I don't know if he just didn't notice, or it didn't bother him, or if he is keeping his feelings inside. He seems fine though.

Here are a few more final thoughts for the day: A double stroller, although built with extra wide seats and a weight limit of up to 50 pounds each seat, is still going to break if you put four kids in at the same time and hit a curb with gravity's help going down a hill. Our wheel broke. It fell off with a crack. Hmm. I thought I heard something when I hit the curb, but it didn't actually fall off until Steve was taking the kids to the school activity last night- while I was at my school. He is wonderful. He was able to get everyone home with out a wheel.

When asked how I look yesterday, Dallas replied, "Like a mom, that's already married." I guess I don't need to impress anyone. Thanks for the compliment.

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  1. Dallas is gonna be a comedian...
    "Like a Mom that is already married..." OUCH!
    so glad you live far enuf away from me, i would scare him! lol!! HUGS! S.
    Jake says HI, he is reading over my shoulder.