Monday, September 22, 2008

A day late and a dollar short

A picture of a window with our new blinds in it! I only have one picture, but there are somewhere close to 20 other windows just as beautiful in our house. Someday we will maybe get curtains too.

Dallas playing the part of the vampire. Behind him you can see a bit of our weekend project. Here is a better view.

Yes! We spent the day canning! It was great. I should be more descriptive in my requests to my darling hubby, and follow through with my friends better, but it all turned out great! I had talked with a friend a few days before and mentioned getting together and canning. Nothing set, but I asked Steve if he might like to watch the kids for me on Saturday. This turned into him saying something to Amber (the friend)about her coming over "today". She says, Oh, okay! We quickly get on the same page, she has her older kids able to watch her younger kids and we head off for the farmers market. Wonderful experience! If you have never been to a farmers market, I highly recommend it.

We got some tomatoes and peaches. This is what we ended up with. We also made some peach pit jelly today (Monday) as it had to sit for 24 hours. I do know how to count and know that after 24 hours it would have been Sunday, not Monday, but this is what our schedules would allow. WE are looking forward to canning some more soon. Perhaps apples, grapes, .... ? We are going to get together every year now I think. Hooray!

After our hard work her family came over for pizza and socializing. When they left, I asked the boys if they had fun with our friends. Of all the possible answers, I was surprised to hear not, "I had fun because..." or "I hated it because..." or even the option of "Who were they?" No. I heard none of these.The response I heard was,"How come there's no bones in our stomachs?" I decided to send them to bed and forget analyzing the day further.

I do have one question though. Why do they make stoves out of melt-able parts? Canning creates a lot of heat!


  1. Awesome job! Cannin gis actually very fun for me. I've only done it a couple time- and with friends. It's a perfect way to have fun and get something done. You go, girl!!

    I got a good laugh with the bones question! hahahehe
    Kids say the darndest things!

  2. Honestly, how do you find the time and energy to do everything you do? You are amazing! I can't say it enough. All that canning. Wow. I have never canned before, I would love to though. And all the kids at church, how do you do it. We still haven't taken our little ones. I know they are 2 1/2. We are horrible. Our church time is nap time and we just haven't been able to give up the naps. But I think they could be ready now. I could handle one day without naps. So will see how next Sunday goes. I feel bad for the nursery people!