Saturday, September 6, 2008


I am back. I will make this short though since there is another day waiting for me tomorrow. This morning my niece was baptized so we all got dressed up and went out for that. We stopped at a few ward sales along the way. I scored a bench seat for our deck, $10, and loads of blankets, a few leap pad books, and a little doodad for the Festival of Trees 2009. (Oh, we got our spot for this year - A9 in case anyone wants to check it out. Fund raiser for the Children's Hospital, hint hint and let me know if you are bored or lonely and want to help with the project this year. That sounded wrong. You can want to help even if you aren't bored or lonely, and I don't want any weird-o people following me around. I have enough of that already.)

We came home for a "quick" change of clothes and lunch, which actually took way too long! We didn't get back out again until almost three o'clock. The plan was for around one o'clock. We went to the state fair. The best part for me was watching the reactions of those around us. We are not very obvious anymore when we go out to busy places like that. We take one double stroller and two singles. Stephen is a great big brother and helps push one. With this arrangement, we are separated often. One time I was a little behind and the people going between us were laughing at. I was laughing at them. I wanted to shout, "Yup, that's my boy!" But they were having too much fun. Dallas was screaming about wanting to go home - RIGHT NOW! His feet hurt, etc, etc.... I guess it's funny to watch a small person with such a large vocabulary who knows how to use it. We stopped for dinner on the way to the Stake Anniversary Celebration. I decided to let Steve take the boys while I put the other kids to bed. Yeah, right. They could see the party from our windows (It was at the park behind our house. Dallas came home via over the fence.) They didn't want to go to bed. Lily kept carrying blankets to the window and calling for her brothers, "a bed! A bed! Teeben (means Stephen) Dallas! A BED!"

When I was attempting my earlier post, I was sitting on my new bench out on the deck, listening to the live band, wishing I could be down there dancing, but enjoying the distance. I was watching the kids go down the big blow up slides and bounce on the bouncers. The sun was barley glowing behind the mountain as it had just set. The breeze was cool and gentle. I was a great minute.

Now I am inside sitting on floor without a breeze, smelling old laundry and diapers. The music is gone. All I hear are a few cars going by on a road in the distance.

Anyway, Steve got a picture of Stephen doing an "air guitar" at the bottom of the slide. Our batteries are out on the camera now. Someone remind me to post the pictures! Also got a good one of the kids on a boat at the fair.


  1. No, we don't. Most of us haven't shot anything in 12-15 years! And won't shoot again soon enough to think about I am sure. My dad has his conceal/carry permit and James is in the Nat'l Guard so I am sure he is more than qualified. The rest of us just target practice on rare occasions :)

  2. Moments of serenity only last but a second with that many children!
    I know all too well. I have five short people myself.

    So I sort of know who you are because I've heard Sandi and Paulette speak of you. All good! I think you are AMAZING for being a mom of 6 little ones!