Thursday, September 11, 2008

Friday! Friday! FRIDAY!!!

Yes, today, tomorrow, but really today by time this will probably be read, is FRIDAY! We have survived the week again. Friday night I have arranged a "girls night out" that means I get to have ice cream with a friend, no kids! My hubby will tend our kids, and her mom will tend her kids. Wow. That was easy. I should try that again in a few months.

On Monday Dallas was invited to a birthday party for a new friend at school. I asked him who he was, and he said, "Umm, well, he's in my class at school. I don't know what he looks like. How come my name isn't on the envelope?" And thus we are thrust into the all too humorous and all too dismal life of parties that invite the whole class. This party is tomorrow. Short notice, fine. This party is a costume party. Not so fine. When I called to find out more details on the event, I learned that like private schools, charter schools may have anyone attend from anywhere in the state. A bit of a drive, fine. As the week has progressed I tried to figure out weather or not Dallas really should go, if he really knew who this person was. He is so excited to be at this party it is almost hilarious. Not only is it a costume party, it is only for boys! No girls will be there at all, except for his mom. That is so AWESOME! (As Dallas says) This is quickly followed up with, "I hope Taden will be there." This is his new found "best" friend, not the birthday boy.

So, we have been talking about birthdays at our house and discovered that WOW the four will be turning 3 in a few weeks! Marek tore a paper cup apart and put the pieces on his head. He turned to Evan and said, "I's my birftay. Eban! Say happy birftay to me!" Way to cute!

In other thoughts, I love "oblivions." These are the people that are oblivious to their surroundings. Usually I really enjoy not being the center of attention everywhere I go. It makes me feel somewhat "normal". So, here's the story. We have been to Waterford for a little more than a week now. Granted we had a holiday in there and we didn't take all the kids in one day (see posting called late again) but we had been there. I dress my kids all matching, generally speaking, when we go out. It is easier to keep track of them, they are just so darn cute that way, and it cuts down on time to sort the laundry. So, when we have been there we were cute.

In addition to this possible obviousness, there is a boy going to the class that was in the same class with us last year. I chatted with his mom. She introduced me to a friend or two. We went through the whole "Wow! That's four? All at the same time? You must be busy! Did you have tons of help? How did it happen? Were you surprised?" The whole bit.

Fast forward to Wednesday. I am there with all the kids in their cute matching outfits. I sit on the floor and play with them. We read books, build with blocks and sort toys. They come to me and call me "Mommy". It is not really that big of a room. After a while my ear catches a conversation that included, "tree skirt" and "$5" followed by a store name. Since we do a tree for the festival, I go to the mothers and apologize for butting in and ask for clarification.

After we talk for a few minutes, the kids keep coming to me with a bumped head, stolen toy, whatever. All the sudden, one of the moms gets that shocked look on her face as she starts putting things together. "Do you have triplets? Are they twins?" I answer, "No, they are quadruplets." Her reply, "Oh! You should write a book!" Of course, the usual questions followed, including when do I get a break. I get to brag about how wonderful my husband is and tell them I am going to school. If they had a look of shock before, amplify it about one hundred times. When they ask what class I am taking, I list three, they are completely amazed. I tell them there is another one that I can't remember. Boy! I forget that we are so different. Yeah, I like oblivions. They make my life more fun.

Needless to say, I have seriously thought of writing that book, in my free time of course. :)

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  1. This is a funny post! :) You had me laughing pretty good.

    And you SHOULD write that book!! Seriously. And good for you- going back to college and all. That rocks!