Monday, September 8, 2008


Have you ever noticed how when you are late for one thing it topples everything else off the schedule? We had that problem today. We couldn't find Stephen's lunch box this morning. Then my keys were lost. UGH! I finally remembered that we have an extra copy in the firebox. We were ten minutes late! This, in the minds of my little ones, is like an eternity late.

We were late to pick up our carpool friend, late to school (Dallas only, Stephen was on time), late to get Dallas from school (Waterford - computer class) late bringing our carpool friend home. (Luckily, his mom wasn't too worried) Everything was ten minutes late until we were taking Dallas to his other school. He was only two minutes late, and the teachers had not taken the class inside yet. This translated to "on time" for Dallas. Hallelujah!

I start for home and my phone rings. My mother is inquiring weather or not I remembered the family reunion tonight. Um, no. I didn't. What? Mom remembered something that I didn't? And I was the one sending out the reminder email last week? Yes.

From there we hurried home, made some cookies, scoured the house looking for the keys, almost on time to get Dallas home. I sat in the pick up line for almost 30 minutes, thinking I was on time, but he still says, "Mommy. I was the last one to go home again." Followed quickly, luckily for me, by, "But there were lots of kids missing today." From there we were late to get Stephen from school. He was happy though because he found his lunchbox! Yup. At school. No wonder I couldn't find it.

We were on time to the reunion though. We had a great time there! Everyone said our kids were so cute, even though I am sure most of them were really thinking something more like, "Man! Those kids are so grumpy and whinny! What spoiled brats!" I thought that a few times. We stayed way too late, of course. They were over tired, late all day, feeding off their mother's stress, etc. However, there were bubbles and more importantly DIRT! They did have fun.

Stephen's biggest problem was that other kids sat at the table that he wanted us to sit at, after I decided we were sitting somewhere else. Hmm... Maybe he should say the words ALOUD before he tells me he already told me. He was sweet and had set up some cups of water on a table and I didn't notice. The repercussions from this lasted around 45 minutes.

All in all, it was a wonderful day! My hubby is marvelous with the kids, and let me gab with family. My cookies turned out great. I completed a homework assignment for my cooking class, and I did not have to eat them all by myself, which of course I would have if they were in my house still. And, I found my keys. Oh, what was that? Where were they? In my purse.


  1. It's a good thing that YOUR mother was never late to pick you up.
    Just wait until one day when you have a brain twirl and for a few minutes you totally forget what kid you left where.
    Or you are waiting for them at dance lesson while they are waiting at piano lesson.

  2. Did I ever tell you about the time I went to my niece's house and left Mason in the car? I thought all the kids had followed me out but I must have counted Carson twice. It took me about 15 minutes to realize that Mason was in the burb playing with all the gadgets and having a great time!
    We've all had those days...

  3. What a day. Keys belong in a purse, so go figure that is where you would find them. :) Thanks for coming to Kaylee's baptism on saturday. I was in the Market building at the fair.

  4. Ah, the grand domino affect. Gotta love it- gotta hate it. You sound like me on most days! {Remember I am the 'Queen of Chaos'} haha

    So your taking a cooking class? What's that all about and what assignments do you have to do every week?