Wednesday, September 17, 2008


So, I know everyone is dieing to know what really happened on Friday. Sorry to keep you in suspense for so long..... is that long enough? Okay.

I spent the day Friday making a Vampire costume (this translates to cape) Dallas is so excited to be a vampire for Halloween. He thinks they are funny because he saw a show of pink panther that had one sound: "bloah, bloah, bloah!" accompanied by the tongue sticking out each time. It is a good cape! I was quite proud of myself finding the scraps in the basement and using Velcro to stick them together! (Pictures on the way, I promise!)

Well, when we finally got to the party after driving past at least three times and missing it, Dallas ran off hardly saying goodbye to me. He was happy to play. I had stuck my cell number in his pocket and told him that he could call me for any reason. Was this a mistake? On the outset, I thought it was wise since he did not really know who the birthday kid was. Just a few minutes after I drove away, the kid's mom called me. Dallas was crying and needed me. I tried to talk to him, but he was too busy crying. I turned around and went back to collect him.

When I got there, he was not happy. I apologized and took him away. They gave him a goody bag, which he opened in the truck on our way. He found he liked the things in there. Come to find out, the other kids think vampires are scary. Go figure! They all started running away from him. Dallas thought they didn't like him and that is why he needed to go home. Then he told me that his friend Tayton was there. When I asked with surprise why he didn't want to stay, even though Tayton was there, he changed his mind! Another go figure!

I turned around again and took him back. This day turned into a lot of driving! Meanwhile, I was planning to help and my parent's house. That turned into dropping the kids off and having hubby meet me there. I cut a few tomatoes, cucumbers, and a pepper. I went back to get Dallas from the party. I think I was "helping" all of 10 minutes. Oh well. When I got back to get the kids, my parents were leaving. They were feeding about 100 people at the church - Dad's little hobby?

Over the weekend, we had regional conference. This was a great treat that we were able to go downtown to the conference center and see the prophet and other leaders of our church in person. Steve was privileged to go on Saturday morning, I went on Sunday morning and Stephen went with me. Steve, my darling hubby, tended the other kids. Saturdays have also turned into the major-try-to-catch-up-on-cleaning-the-house-day. This is great, since we have so much else going on during the week. Ugh.

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  1. SOUNDS like a real BLAST!
    i am so sorry, i KNOW it's so frustrating. just think soon he will be 10 and all this will be but a distant! Godd news, Dallas is NORMAL. and You, my dear, make me tired! ;)
    smiles, S.
    just a thought, can you use the blog as writing towards your book...