Monday, August 25, 2008

Who needs to buy a gift?

Here are the kids playing nice together. Yes, ALL six kids are playing nice together!

Another miracle for our day! We got these blinds for the patio door put up a few weeks ago. The kids have not broken them yet! Miracle number two for the day. These car ramps are the packaging for the slats. They are perfect for cars! No expensive toys needed around here. (Miracle number three.) Although, I hear it is common during Christmas time for the kids to play more with boxes, I didn't think it went to these old ages. And here is another picture of the kids playing. Evan is on the chair, Marek is behind Stephen who is holding Dallas. It should be easy to know which one is Lily. Brenden can't be seen in this pic. Sorry.

And now, it's time to gather Dallas from his first day of kindergarten! He was more than happy to see me leave and be at school. We got a new backpack for him this morning. (He is in afternoon kindergarten)
We have a crazy schedule. I am not sure how it will work, but so far the kids are cooperating, and my mom was able to tend them this morning while I took Stephen and Dallas to their classes. So, here is what is in store for our future.

Daily, Stephen's school starts at 9am. Monday, Wednesday, and Friday starting in September Dallas has Waterford starting at 9 AM. We have a carpool set up that I think will work for those mornings. This research group has classes for one hour from September through April. Dallas was in the class last year and loved it. Then, Dallas has kindergarten from 11:30 to 2:35 every day. We get Stephen from school at 3:45. Some how dinner should get made and lunch should be eaten. Next week, my school starts! I will have classes starting at 5pm on Tuesdays and Thursdays!!! Wednesdays the boys will also have piano lessons, and there is scouts for Steve. If that wasn't enough, the kids have all decided they want to go on the potty. UGH! They just want a treat really, but whoever told them they could?!?!?! This of course takes TIME!!!!

It was super funny when Evan had his first "success" on the potty. I will have to write more about that later. Time for Dallas to be brought home. Why didn't I just put them in the same school and let them be "normal"? Oh yeah, they are not normal. Hmm.

I must be crazy! (miracle number four for the day?)


  1. I think I need a nap after reading about your schedule!! haha

  2. Okay, we really need to catch up. I am so glad that we are blogging that we can do that. I have so many questions about everything you are doing. I'll have to email you. I love your blog. Your kids are growing so much. They are so cute. You are amazing by the way. I have the same # of kids and everything as you, but wow, Lydia you are "The Super Mom." You juggle so much and so well. I am absolutley amazed. You are great. Your hubby better be grateful!