Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Chocolate days

Here area few pictures of the kids and our activities.

A day at the parade. I wish I had better luck with this picture, or had more of them. The bright orange shirts say "E=mc2 I'm the smart one" I thought this was too funny since they are all the smart one. LOL!

Later that same day we went to a picnic at the church park. Brenden was able to reach the dessert table. I was worn out and chose not to argue or fight with the brilliant tike. His dinner therefore consisted of chocolate cookie, chocolate cookie, and chocolate cookie! He was offered other things, but who would choose anything else when there is a cookie within reach?!?!

Chocolate is as chocolate does!

Steve DID win the pie eating contest!!! Although the tough competition was mildly interested, Steve was very serious about winning. There was one man that Steve talked into playing and the rest of the eaters were young-uns, under the age of 12. BUT HE WON!!!

A day at the zoo was free courtesy of our friend's yearly pass having extra space for a few of us, and the fact that kids under three are free!!! Hooray for free!!! Hooray for generous, kind friends!!!

Here is Dallas feeding the geese at Liberty park. It was hilarious when he threw a piece of bread on the backside of one goose, causing his "bum to get bit".

Of course we spend time at the park on a regular basis. Here are the swings.Our sweet boys like to help each other. Aawwww! Right after Marek pushed Brenden for this picture, Brenden came back and knocked Marek over.
Aren't they just too cute for words?!?!


  1. All the kiddos are growing up so quickly. I can't beleive it!

    Yup, next year Jacob is done with his enlistment term (Nov. of 09 is his official get out date, but he will have a bunch of vacation to take that should allow us to get out sooner.) So in just over a year we will be moving back there for good. I can't wait!
    Love and Hugs,

  2. pictures... you have pics on your blog. I am so proud of you.

  3. OH MY GOSH! how fun! love the chocolate face and the kids are HUGE! its starting to cool off, NOT. but come see me anyways! you are one crazy, busy, lady! School started and i feel so refreshed! lol! 8th gr. 5th grade and 4th. YIKES time really does fly.
    Hugs, S.