Friday, August 15, 2008

Today I was so excited to have the blinds up in the front room windows! Thinking of the cut in cost for air conditioning tickled me pink. The late afternoon sun comes through the front room straight onto the thermometer. Now, our new blinds are not only light filtering, they are dark, heat absorbing, and light blocking. I could tell early in the morning what a difference it was going to make. Little did I know what would come to pass later on.

The kids found a new "light switch" that turns on the fireplace. Hmm. There go all the happy thoughts from this morning! The A/C did not get a break. Oh well. Brayten was here to be tended today. Marek learned many new things from him today, like that switch that he never noticed before and every one wants a turn on the potty. Talk about time requirements!!! Brayten is their cousin and basically the same age as our four. He is already potty trained.

Yes, I am completely crazy. I had five (5!) two, almost three year olds all day, starting at 5:30AM, until about 4:40-ish. We have fun though. We went to the park for lunch again. Stephen and Dallas are such good helpers! They really make my work lighter, even if I did push three kids in the stroller up hill on the way home.

I should be seeing these pounds come off more than they are....go figure. Maybe it's because I don't get enough sleep? Goodnight!


  1. I hear ya! Shouldn't chasing kids around all day long do SOMETHING in the way of fat burning? I sure wish it would!

  2. Yup! For good! I can't wait! We are about 6 weeks from our move to NM and so that means just about a year till we move back home! YAY!!