Wednesday, August 13, 2008

another little miracle

Today we have blinds to hang in our windows!!! Finally, after nearly two years since the remodel we are going to hang blinds. Of course, this will take more than one day, maybe more than a week. Hopefully not longer than that! We have waited this long, what's one more day? ha ha ha! Our security system will be gone now though. Brandi was the first to term the sheets in the windows as our security system. You know, the rif raf that might want to break in and do some damage will see the sheets and think, "Hmmm... reminds me of home. They probably don't have anything here that I would like to take."

You might be wondering why we took so long to get something in our windows. Well, we wanted to paint before we hung them and time just didn't work well with us. Then, when we painted - silly me- I thought you just go get the blinds from the store and hang them. That is not how it works. You have to measure, in our case we had to special order, and then it takes weeks to actually get them! So, we have had nothing at all in some of the windows because we didn't want to make extra holes in our wonderfully painted walls. Of course, as time proves, cars being thrown, crayons with out paper, kids in general made plenty of their own holes and marks on my beautiful wall. I should have put the sheet back while we waited. Oh well.

Now Steve is out buying a drill from Wal-mart because we can't find our pieces in our garage, which has also suffered from the remodel procrastination.
We started to put them up with a normal, hand-held screwdriver. Yeah. He went to buy a drill.

In other news, I took a final today! Hooray! No more school.... for two weeks. We have decided to get the required on campus classes out of the way. This should get me back on track to complete everything in time to graduate in 2010. Nothing like good old procrastination everywhere I look! But, hey. My kids are happy and we have fun. So what if the laundry doesn't get done every day. We have clothes to wear, and we wash them when we run out of clean ones, usually.

Well, Steve's back with the drill. I better get back to work! I will post pictures of our blinds when they are up. :)

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  1. HaHa...I saw the title of the post and thought you were having another BABY!!! haha

    Our windows were off sizes, too. But Home Depot had these faux wood blinds that we liked that they will cut for you right there. I would have hated living in a fish bowl!