Wednesday, December 3, 2008

happy everything

Well, Thanksgiving came and went and Christmas is on the way!!! Happy everything to everyone! We had Thanksgiving dinner here at our house. The boys were excited that grandparents were coming. When I told them MY grandparents would be coming Stephen gave a delighted squeal. Dallas was concerned. He was worried because they are old. He said, "but Grandma Bell can't leave her house! She's too old. We're supposed to visit her! How will she get here? She can't drive!" Funny, cute. When my mom was telling me they were coming there was a similar conversation between Grandma Bell and my mom. "How will we get there?" "I guess you could walk." "Oh, we're pretty slow." "well, you better get started now!" My mom went and got them and drove them here.

The next couple weeks will be spent trying to prepare for my finals! Therefore, I may or may not get a chance to update for a while. Here is some good new though: My sister Lacey passed her state licensing exam for massage therapy! HOORAY!!!

More later, make it a great day!

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