Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Singing Bananas

We had a great day at church singing in the choir on Sunday. Almost all the pieces turned out better than the practices. There really is just nothing quite like singing to feel the spirit! I am finally starting to feel in the spirit of the holiday. Steve also sang a piece as a double quartet. Very good! I was able to see the kids from a distance – a chance to look at the forest and not be too close to the trees so to speak. I thought they were good. They were not near as loud as I thought they were. They only went between the row in front of and behind where they were supposed to be. One of my friends said she was watching them and they were little "angels" (Yeah, she is a grandma herself) When I got back to the family (thanks to Mom, Shelly, her kids, and Lacey!!!) Lacey said, "Your kids are out of control!" That goes to say a lot about perspective.

Now, here comes the Monday. Kids out of school – yes. I am out of school – yes. Laundry to clean – yes. Dishes piled high – yes. Paper plates to cover the gap – yes. Parties to attend- yes. Sick kids - Yes, yes, yes. Gifts to take – yes. Wrapped? No. Projects being attacked? No. Christmas cards mailed – now, really where did this month go?

The kids have learned how to open the bananas all by themselves while I am not looking! Yes! Feel free to use your imagination here, but it wasn't that bad really. Lily was the only one that felt like painting the boys ate most of them. Runny diapers? HOPE NOT! (Our attempts at potty training were less than fun for me and we will try again in several months. Lily, sweet Lily is not at all interested, although she was very excited to get her new "socks", it will be a while before she gets the idea.)


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  1. Perspective???

    They were angels.
    Lacey is out of control!