Thursday, November 20, 2008

what do you get?

What do you get when you take one husband out of town on business, one curious 3 year old girl, five young boys with need of haircuts and a small budget? *insert picture here, but we have to pretend because I didn't actually get a picture. But it was great! The house is total disaster. Lily found the other scissors while I was trimming the boys hair. Luckily she missed her own hair - a miracle. But she got her shirt. She was quite proud of herself! There was a nice pattern. You'd think I would notice since she was standing right next to me, and the scissors never actually left "my sight" but it didn't register to my brain that she was decorating her shirt. ha ha ha!!! How many holes in the shirt? about ten. No skin, no hair, just the shirt. What a sight! Wish I got a pic!!!

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