Monday, December 8, 2008

Where is everyone?

Hi again. Here we are watching the snow falling, possibly turning into a nice "blizzard". It was difficult to get everyone back in the house today after taking the older boys to school. The snow is too much fun!!! Even though yesterday we stayed home from church with illness,we are rearing to go today! My neighbor drove by this morning while we were out and asked if we were okay. She looked in the nursery yesterday and asked the nursery leaders, "Where is everybody?" It seemed kind of empty there. The Taggart's were missing. Yup, we fill a room.

Here is a funny for the day: Friday we went to the Festival of Trees, fund raiser for the children's hospital. We stopped by the little office where they can tell you how much the tree you built sold for. (We were pleased with ours. There were still quite a few that hadn't sold yet and they were not selling for as much as they have in the past because of the economy.) And the lady there said, "Five boys and one girl? Did I count that right? Five boys and one girl?" I said yes. Then she asked, "So how long did it take you to get your girl?" I thought this was pretty funny. I thought it looked a little obvious. I said, "she's third, but there was only three pregnancies." She looked for a second then said,"oh, did you have two sets of twins or something?" When we explained they were quads the shock factor set in. It was so funny! I haven't had that question before. There's a first time for everything!

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  1. I can imagine a nearly empty nursey with your family missing! haha Cute. :)