Monday, December 12, 2011

Holiday Countdown

 Here we are getting nearer to the Christmas holiday every second.  The tree is finally up and "decorated" by the children. We finally have an idea of treats to make for the neighbors and friends.  And our shopping list is near what might be called complete.  I posted earlier about my art supply dilemma.   Let me expand on this exciting gift giving

The one item I thought for sure to keep for Dallas was his hot wheels track. He has “hot wheels track” written on notes hanging around the house and several letters to Santa that I mysteriously loose.  It’s listed on his white board with a star next to it  **Wanted most**.    For sure this would be a great item to purchase for his present.  Until he complains that his sister has told him that she is getting him a hot wheels track.   She never keeps a secret.    Well, I guess I could return that and exchange it for something more exciting.

I know he will appreciate the Nerf guns!  I have been hearing about the need for a Nerf gun for months it seems.  I have two of them with refill bullets that have suction cups to stick on the walls, windows, and fireplace.  Well, that was a great idea until we went to the party at my husband’s work place.  They always have “Santa” there.  He gives out one gift to each child.  We now have five… Nerf guns.  At least now we also know the suction cup bullets also stick to the ceiling.  The refill bullets will still be nice.

Sigh.  I can return those too, or better yet, I can give them to my husband.  They had so much fun this weekend shooting at each other!  It was difficult for Brenden to pull his trigger or load it or something so Daddy just had to help.  I can’t count how many times I heard “These are the best Christmas presents ever!”

I knew they would like them.  So, what did they ask Santa for?  I leaned as close as I could with my pencil secretly perched on my notebook so I would get the one thing they really wanted.  The kids smiled for the camera and started to wave goodbye.  I heard nothing!  I missed it! 

“Wait!  Did you forget to tell Santa something?  Did you say everything you wanted to when you were with Santa?”

“Oh, yeah!  Thanks you!”

That’s right.  All I heard was thank you.  “Is that all?”  No.  Brenden had to be sure Santa knew he was allergic to cats.   No gift requests made.  On the way home Dallas was telling me why Santa gave him a Nerf gun instead of the Hot Wheels track he really wanted.  Of course, Lily was giving it to him already.

Back to the drawing board.  They already have everything they want except for art supplies which I foolishly returned thinking they didn’t want them.  I have extras of what they already got or are getting.  I guess I will just plan on going back to get what I returned.  I think I will drive across town so they don’t recognize me.  At least the kids are happy with what they have.

In other news, I began making a gift yesterday; a homemade gift for a family member.  Maybe it will be completed in time to actually be given this year.  Stephen saw it and asked, “Are you making those to sell them?”  Not the plan but perhaps a possibility.  Enter the neighbor girl, “Oooo!  Who are those for?  Will you make me one too?  How much are they?”  I will have a picture posted for that on Friday. 

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