Thursday, December 15, 2011

Faithful, Fit and Fabulous book review

I wanted to share my experiences reading this book: 

Faithful, Fit, & Fabulous Get Back to Basics and Transform Your Life in Just 8 Weeks by Connie E. Sokol

As one of my personal obsessions, I was excited to be offered a book to review regarding setting goals and being organized. (Of course it’s one of my favorite hobby topics, having six children born within four years)

Right away I knew I would love this book.  It is easy to relate to and filled with bits of humor while being completely scripture based.  There are references to conference talks and other church approved materials like lesson manuals as the basis of her research.
The layout of the book is simple and easy to navigate.  The author suggests that you read through chapter one and two then you can mix up the other chapters according to your desired focus such as fit and fabulous, joy in womanhood, or get organized. 

Chapter one is very inspirational, guiding and reminding about topics of the Spirit. The author warns or the two week bomb that usually accompanies all good intentions, saying just plow through and be as consistent as possible.  I did have a two week bomb, just as she warned.

During the second week I got stuck in chapter 2 when she suggests that you begin with the end in mind and write your “life paragraph” consulting with the Lord regarding your talents and purpose in life.  This was major stumbling block for me, trying to receive personal revelation regarding what my purpose in life is. 

I went to my husband and said, “I think I’m supposed to…”  He just looked at me for a moment.  In that moment I thought he was going to tell me I was crazy for thinking such a thing.  When he finally spoke he was thinking I was crazy, but for different reasons.  He said, “Haven’t we talked about this before?  I thought that was a well established fact already!”

I have since been reminded that there are two ways to receive revelation, as a light turning on or as a sunrise.  When we receive as the sunrises it is barely noticeable until the daylight is upon us.  I obviously had the sunrise experience.

After speaking with my husband I finally went back to the book and did as Connie Sokol suggested; set a timer and just write then set the timer again and just get it done.  It’s meant to evolve as you grow and change.  I wish I had taken her advice sooner. In later chapters the topic of talents is addressed further.  Don’t get stuck in chapter 2 with the two week bomb!

Everything you need to succeed is included except the action on the reader’s part.  There are examples of life paragraphs and other goals that would have been fine for copying if your sunrise was not noticeable.  The author's website is also a great resource for ideas.

I highly recommend reading this book.  I thought of giving my copy as a gift, but I will have to purchase another copy and keep this one.  Here is a link if you are interested.

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