Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Back to work, goodbye summer!

Welcome back to the school year crazies! My new Tuesday/Thursday schedule goes something like this.

6:30AM switch laundry and start breakfast wake up all kids and get them all dressed. Can't say what the estimated time for this is as it has not been accomplished successfully yet.

8:00 AM missed the bus. Drive Dallas to school by 8:35 (estimated drive time 25 minutes)

9:00 Stephen's school starts (estimated drive time from Dallas's school 25 minutes.)

9:10 AM return home to have potty break and pack a sack lunch for the four. (time:20 minutes)

9:30 leave for computer class. (Estimated drive time: 28 minutes)

10:00 The four's computer class begins.
read a book for my homework - 55 minutes available
11:00 class concludes. Be sure to have potty break! Time: 15 minutes

11:15 feed kids and drive to Grandma's house so she can tend while the rest of us go to the dentist (insert variable here - doctor/dentist/whatever could possibly come up)

get Dallas and Stephen from their schools (refer to drive times mentioned earlier)

Dentist appointment is at noon. Arrive only 15 minutes late :) appointment lasts approximately 1 1/2 hours.

Feed us lunch. Time should now be 2:30 if on schedule, but it is really 3:00.

Drive back to Grandma's house to pick up kids. Wish there was time to say hello, but it took 45 minutes to get in the truck and drive there. Take potty break! leave ASAP.

Remember to pick up prescriptions and a frozen pizza for dinner.

4:15PM Arrive home. Say hi to hubby - give instructions for kids homework and food.

4:30 PM leave for my school pray to be on time to class that starts at 5:00PM.

10:00PM go home (estimated drive time 30 minutes)

10:30PM try to convince Dallas to go to sleep.

11:30PM fall into bed

Goodbye summer. I will miss you!

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