Monday, August 9, 2010

Another mystery solved!

Come on! We're late! Hurry. Hurry. HURRY! Oh, wait. Where are the keys? Does anyone know where the keys are? Hey! I can't find the keys! (little to know response from children.) They are all finally in the vehicle, but the keys are missing and they won't help find them. Just as well, they would be making a bigger mess and start playing again instead of helping find them. Then I would have to get them in their seats again. I know I had them just a minute ago. I used them to unlock the door! What in the world could I have done with them?

I search the house, the yard, and check under the truck to see if I dropped them there. No luck. Nothing else is lost - except my memory. Kids are still in their seats waiting patiently. A miracle.

I return to the house and find the back up spare key. We leave - only two hours behind the desired schedule. But we didn't have a set time for meeting people so it doesn't really matter too much. Run errands for a few hours, talk on the phone several times to explain we are late because we couldn't find the keys, and so on.

Three hours later I am telling the kids how I wished we could find the keys. Little to no response from children again. They are relatively nice in the back seat so I figure they really don't know what happened to the keys.

Two hours later I am telling Daddy the keys are lost. Lily laughs and says she found the keys. I turn around just in time to see her enormous grin and her sticky little fingers pull them out of her pocket! She was so proud of herself. Now, if I could just find my purse...


  1. THAT'S funny! You may want to check her closet for your purse!

    Thanks so much for your kind words about my mom's death. You are so sweet!
    Love you,

  2. I found the purse. left it at church and they returned it to me. :)

  3. just you wait.....
    remeber the WHOPPER of LIE that Abby told Rick about me???
    all because she wanted to tell Daddy a story. oh my