Friday, June 12, 2009

What can happen when mom sleeps at night?

A successful day

Yesterday was such a success, very productive. With the exception of telling the boys we won't go to the park today, everyone was generally happy all day. Thanks to my darling hubby for letting me sleep.

I completed a homework assignment with 95% correct. I was able to practice the piano and convince the boys to practice. I vacuumed two rooms, gave all six kids haircuts, harvested the cherries and thinned the peach tree. We went to the park for lunch. I found the kids that were chasing the seagulls, then disciplined them intensely. I had story time with the kids, made dinner then had pizza instead (it didn't quite turn out the right way. I am so glad there is a $5 pizza place on the way home from work. Thanks Steve! You are my hero again.)

I also made it to my teaching class at church and visited a few minutes with friends there. I was uplifted and inspired. I squeezed in a good hour phone call with my dear friend, exercised for a while, found bugs and worms, and got soaked in the rain with the kids… It was a great day!

Anything can happen with a good night's rest. You know you are loved when your husband says, "When Dallas gets up tonight send him to me. If Lily gets up send her to me too. You sleep tonight." Thank you Steve! You are the greatest!

Today the sun is shining. The only day the sun shines for a week is the one day we are not going to the park (part of that intense discipline yesterday) This morning I hear nothing but loud angry voices. "I am not going to get dressed! We aren't going to the park today so I am not going to do anything you want! There's no reason for me to get dressed! I want to go to the park!" and so on. Does it matter that I want to go somewhere else? Come on! The sun is shining today! I guess I will mow the lawn.

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