Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Bryce and Shannon's Wedding

Here are some fun pictures from my Brother's wedding on May 30th. It is quite a chore to get a good picture with all the kids looking and being happy with us. This is the best one Taken.
This one not so good.
Lily was the flower girl.
She was such a pretty princess.
Evan ended up being the ring bearer. Tavner was suppose to do it, but he was having a hard day and wasn't so cooperative. Evan stepped in and was great!


  1. your kiddos are all so cute!

  2. Thanks for sharing!!!

    the pics are sooo cute. and its hard to get even 3 kids to smile at the same time. whddya do?! grin!! make sure YOU look good! hahahahahah!!!

  3. Your kiddos are ALL so cute and growing up WAY TOO fast!! You look sooo amazing and VERY happy . . . love your hair!! It's good to see a picture of you on here for a change! Love ya, Rayni :-)

    P.S. Check out my new blog at I'm NUTS and starting a photography business. Just starting out and having so much fun and just LEARNING and practicing right now, but will hopefully be able to take AMAZING pictures one day!!