Monday, November 17, 2008

What a man/pure hearts of children

We are almost late to church today. We set the timer and actually started to leave soon after it went off. Steve opens the door and the kids start running. I am still getting my shoes on and we have one straggler that is still trying to nibble a lunch. I convince him to go out the door but then he realized he forgot his tithing! (the bible says 10% for tithes) I am impressed that he wants to pay so we go back but the door is locked, so we open the garage. He then announces he doesn't remember where he left it. Meanwhile, the rest of the crew is rounding the corner at the end of the street. Good thing we don't live far from the building!

I found some change in the truck and we are off on our way. As we near the church, I can see over a fence. What I see is one cute five year old and four absolutely darling three year olds in matching striped sweaters with a handsome, brave man opening the church door for them. What a turn on! I am the luckiest person on this planet to have such a man! We were on time too!

Sacrament meeting was great. The speakers talked about not having excessive holidays and living within our means/budgets. Something we all need to remember this year! They also spoke about having faith that the Lord will take care of our needs when we are choosing the right. I actually kind of got to listen this time. No kids being crazy, even Dallas was good!

Dallas paid his one penny to tithing and Stephen ended up with 13 cents. He owed 7 for tithing but had a hard time deciding what to do with the rest. The result: 7 cents to tithing one to a fast offering, one for building temples, one for the perpetual education fund (a load type set up for third world countries to pay back after they go to school. They get a loan. We give the $. They pay back the fund, not us.) one penny went to missionaries, and one towards …. I don't remember all of them but you get the idea. He was so sweet and cute. I am sure the bishop will get a good chuckle out of our kids pure hearts. 

Have a wonderful day!

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