Saturday, June 13, 2015

The Hike

Today marks a day of growth beyond measure for my little ones have completed and survived their first giant scout hike. Sigh.  They are now nine years old and since the scout hike fell on the same day as the Father's and Son's campout, they decided to just combine the two.  So, all the little one's joined the bigger ones on a "ten miler" which was really only eight plus a bit. Whew!

Lily and I watched "girly" movies and painted our nails.  We are not at all sad we missed the hike, though I could have done with fewer Oreo cookies and chips.

Five hours later I get a text saying they have survived.  Two hours after that I see the meaning of "survived" as they walk through my door.  A round of showers and checking for ticks is followed by...  SILENCE.  Not one boy has asked to do anything.  They ALL are just laying around staring at the walls, unless their eyes are actually closed. I think they probably are, unless they are the fortunate one that Lily is begging to play a game with her.

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